Cory Reamer Work-Out Warrior: Part II

Cory Reamer, from Hoover, and '05 Tide signee, is pleased with his work-out schedule prior to his arrival on the University of Alabama campus.

"When we first started the work-outs they were pretty intense," said Cory Reamer. "You could definitely tell you were only going to get stronger. After the first six weeks you could tell a difference, but the final six weeks was suppose to be the big difference maker. I was only able to work-out four of those weeks. I got sick, and I had to miss all my work-outs. It drained everything out of me. I could definitely tell a strength increase. It was very noticeable."

Reamer is now participating with the Tide team with the summer voluntary work-outs.

"The things we do at Alabama are really good. All the work-outs and running have helped us a lot, but everyone always does a little bit more. When I finish my work-out, I will usually come back later in the day and do the work-out that I was doing all summer."

Reamer was named MVP of the Class 6A state championship game and his status with the Tide team is not set.

"I haven't talked to the coaches lately about what they expect out of me," Reamer said. "They told me last time that I need to be ready to play. They are not going to red-shirt me. That tells me they want me to play. Hopefully, I will contribute on defense and special teams. I don't want them to just throw me in there. I want to earn it. I want the coaches to trust that I will do my job when they put me in."

Team unity has been a common thread for the 2005 pre-season Alabama football team. Freshmen have learned from the veterans, and will see first-hand when fall camp begins.

"I've had several guys helping me. Anthony Madison, Roman (Harper), Eric Gray, Marcus Carter, and Charlie Peprah have all been great. Of course, there are some guys who mess with us, but they have every right to. There are some freshmen who have been running their mouths, and the older guys won't forget that when two-a-days start."

Reamer has gained weight and grown an inch since his commitment and said, "Right now, I am 6-4, 207 pounds. I am set if I get to 210 pounds. A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to move down to linebacker, but Coach [Chris] Ball and Coach [Charlie] Harbison have said I am going to play safety. I am staying at safety for now."

Cory Reamer's Work-out Evaluation Prior to Arrival on UA Campus:

"Reamer's work ethic was very impressive," said Jack Eyer, personal trainer. "He was up to 210, his target weight, and got sick. He lost some gym time and down to 195, but has now regained weight. His numbers are Bench Press 275 +50, Squat 410 +45, Power Clean 290 +50. Reamer completed 2 Cycles due to sickness, but says he feels much stronger and headed upward from here."

Part Two of a series. Series will highlight follow-ups with Scott Deaton and Marlon Davis.

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