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At the Reebok ABCD Basketball Camp this summer at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, Arnold P. Steadham tracked several players for 'BAMA Magazine and BamaMag.com. One of the most interesting is Zachary Graham of Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Zach Graham, an upcoming junior at Peachtree Ridge High School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is a 6-5, 200-pound basketball forward. At the Reebok ABCD Basketball Camp this summer he chatted with Arnold P. Steadham, covering the event for ‘B AMA Magazine and BamaMag.com.

Zach is an all-around athlete who is considering Alabama.

Zach is the son of David Graham.

David Graham played with Seattle Seahawks for two seasons, 1982 and 1987. He particiapted in three games each season. His USFL career included the Pittsburgh Maulers, 1984 and the Orlando Renegades, 1985. The 6-6, 255-pound defensive lineman had five sacks in 1984 with the Maulers. The 1985 Orlando team was coached by Lee Corso.

David Graham attended Florida A& M University High School in Tallahassee, Florida, and then attended Morehouse College in Atlanta.

'BAMA Magazine: When did you start playing basketball?

Zach Graham: Long time ago, when I was about four or five.

BM: Who introduced you to the game?

ZG: My father.

BM: And once he introduced you to the game, what held your interest?

ZG: I don't know. It's just something about getting out there and playing against people like that. I guess it's just the competitiveness and I am a competitive person and I like that and it just kept me there and I have been there ever since.

BM: What other sports do you play?

ZG: I play pitcher in baseball, and I also play quarterback and safety in football.

BM: Is basketball your favorite sport or how would you rank the three sports?

ZG: I would have to say football and basketball are about equal, then baseball but it really doesn't matter.

BM: You were the leading free throw shooter in the ABCD Camp insofar as attempts.

ZG: I get to the free throw line a lot.

BM: What do you consider your strengths in basketball?

ZG: I would say my advantage of height over some of the players that guard me and then when they try to switch and put a big man on me, I can go by him. But probably the strength that most people wouldn't think about is my passing ability.

BM: What are the areas that you're trying to improve?

ZG: I would say being more vocal and showing more leadership skills.

BM: When you look for guidance on the basketball court, whom might you approach?

ZG: I would approach other players I look up to and also my father.

BM: And for guidance off the basketball court, whom do you look to?

ZG: Actually, my father again.

BM: What schools are looking at you the most or recruiting you the hardest?

ZG: I would say Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas and Georgia Tech.

BM: Are there schools recruiting you for other sports?

ZG: South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia are all recruiting me for football.

BM: Have you thought about a college major?

ZG: I would like to get into the business and marketing field.

BM: Way down the road, what would you like to be doing?

ZG: I know I would like to play ball, but as a fall-back I would like to have some kind of business in the sports medicine field.

BM: What are your interests outside of basketball?

ZG: Playing basketball, football, and baseball. I really stay on the playing field a lot. But I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

BM: What factors influence your decisions?

ZG: My parents, God, my grandmother, and the people around me who are important in my life.

BM: As you make a decision about choosing a college, what factors will you consider? Would it be a coach or a conference?

ZG: I will choose a school that has a serious plan for academics which emphasises the student in student-athlete.

BM: What did you learn in the ABCD camp that you might carry down the road with you?

ZG: To always keep your level of intensity at the highest point and to focus on the little things.

BM: Were there any big surprises at camp?

ZG: All the coaches and reporters sitting in the stands.

BM: Do you have a nickname?

ZG: Z man. My father called me that when I was little and everyone picked it up.

BM: Good luck to you.

ZG: Thank you.

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