Q&A With Meeks

At the Reebok ABCD Basketball Camp this summer at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, Arnold P. Steadham tracked several players for 'BAMA Magazine and BamaMag.com. Here is his interview with a top Georgia performer.

BamaMag: Jodie Meeks is a 6-4, 200-pound performer at Norcross High School in Norcross, Georgia. He is a senior this year. Here is our interview with him.

BamaMag: When did you start playing basketball?

Jodie Meeks: I first played basketball when I was about three, at an early age.

BM: Who introduced you to the game?

JM: My dad.

BM: What made you excited about playing basketball and held your interest, so now your still playing?

JM: I used to watch Michael Jordan videos all the time, so, Michael Jordan probably inspired me.

BM: He is your favorite player?

JM: Yes, of all time.

BM: Are there any other players who you like tand try to emulate?

JM: Probably, LeBron James.

BM: Any older players? Anybody who is not playing now?

JM: Magic Johnson. I like his passing. I might be a point guard later on .

BM: What do you consider your strengths?

JM: Defense, shooting and penetrating.

BM: How far would you say you feel comfortable with your range of shot?

JM: I feel pretty comfortable at three-point line so, so probably three feet off the line.

BM: And what do you think some of the areas that you need to improve?

JM: I feel pretty strong about all of my game; just improve every skill. I do not feel I have any weaknesses, but I want to improve everyday.

BM: How do you go about improving your game,?

JM: Tuesdays and Thursdays, I shoot on this machine called the gun. I shoot many shots with my high school coach. I shoot a lot.

BM: Who gives you the most guidance about basketball?

JM: My dad; my AAU coach, Horace Neysmith; and my high school coach, Eddie Martin, from Norcross.

BM: What schools are recruiting you the most?

JM: I am still pretty much wide open but UConn, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn. I'm still pretty much wide now.

BM: What schools interest you the most?

JM: I'm not narrowed down yet. Soon I will sit down with my dad, Coach Horace and Coach Martin and we're going to narrow down to about five or.

BM: And do you have any idea what might be some of the factors that will influence you with your decision?

JM: My relationship with the coaches; the importance the school puts on academics; and playing time–not necessarily starting when I come in, but getting minutes as a freshman.

BM: Outside of basketball, what are some of your interests?

JM: Well, I might go into finance. I'm not sure of what my major is yet though but I might go into finance and I like that.

BM: What have you learned in this camp that might help you down the road?

JM: I learned to play hard every game. Somebody's always watching, so just play hard every game.

BM: And what areas, since you played the first game to the last game, that you might have improved or concentrated on a little more?

JM: My confidence.

BM: Thank you for the interview and we wish you all the luck down the road.

JM: Thank you.

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