Reamer Is Ready

Cory Reamer hit on a good combination for getting his strength back. It involved early morning workouts, but also having a Cajun cook for a roommate and a mother close enough to send casseroles.

Freshman strong safety Cory Reamer went through a tough few weeks this summer. He had his wisdom teeth removed, which sometimes makes for a sore jaw and difficulty in chewing and swallowing. On top of that he suffered a viral infection in his throat.

As a result he began to lose the good weight he had put on in preparation for reporting to Alabama. Reamer arrived in Tuscaloosa this summer, although his "official" reporting date was Monday as the Crimson Tide began workouts Tuesday.

"I lost down from 212 to 175," said the 6-4 Reamer. "I finally started getting my weight back on when I got back here in the summer strength and conditioning program." He started fall practice at 210.

Beginning this summer, incoming freshmen were allowed to be put on scholarship, and Reamer–like most of his new teammates–took advantage of that opportunity.

One of the benefits of summer scholarship is 10 training table meals a week. "We either went out or cooked the others," Reamer said. "My roommate is Zach Schreiber and he does most of the cooking. I think those Cajuns are good cooks. My contribution is mostly from my mother. I'm close enough to home that she can send me casseroles."

But that wasn't the only benefit of a summer school scholarship before reporting as a true freshman, Reamer said. "It gets you started," he said. "You get to meet most of your teammates. You start the workout program and build strength. And you find out about all the ways of doing things here before you go out on the practice field. So it's real beneficial."

Reamer said he has been told that he will be a strong safety and that Chris Keys will be a safety. "But there are four or five guys in front of us," Reamer said.

He said the older safeties have been helpful. "They welcomed us in," he said. "They've been teaching us the calls. They remember being taught by the upperclassmen when they were freshmen. They want us to learn so they'll have someone who knows what's going on backing them up."

Reamer almost singlehandedly won the state 6A championship game for Hoover last year, Hoover's third consecutive title. He was named the MVP of the game as he had five tackles, two blocked punts–one which he scooped up and ran in for a touchdown–and a pass interception he returned 42 yards to set up a score. As a senior he had 92 tackles, seven interceptions, three sacks, and two blocked punts.

Although Reamer grew up an Auburn fan in a family of Auburn fans, he had no doubts about his college destination. "I could really tell where I wanted to be during the recruiting process," he said. "As I came to know the Alabama tradition, the coaches, and the players, I knew this was where I was supposed to be."

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