Pushing And Pushed

Ask Justin Britt what he weighs and the answer depends on pre-practice or post-practice. With the Crimson Tide football team working in high heat and humidity, Britt has a dramatic weight loss each practice.

Justin Britt, a 6-4 sophomore defensive tackle, is listed at 298 pounds. "I'll lose six to eight pounds in a practice," Britt said. "And that's with the trainers doing a great job of re-hydrating us."

One reason is that Britt has been getting extra duty in Alabama pre-season practice. Defensive tackle Jeremy Clark, a junior, has been limited (and held out of team work) because of a pulled groin.

"I've been getting all the reps since the first day in pads ((August 13)," Britt said. "I think I've been doing pretty well. We have the same playbook as last year and I retained it well, so I haven't made mental errors."

Britt and Clark are at tackle, while Rudy Griffin, J.P. Adams, and Dominic Lee are at nose tackle. Freshmen Bobby Greenwood and Lorenzo Washington have also worked at tackle, with freshman Lorenzo Washington getting snaps at nose tackle.

"The positions are totally different, but Jeremy and I learn the assignments for nose tackle as well as three technique (tackle)," Britt said.

Britt said that he thought he and Clark would be even when Clark gets back full speed. "He started last year and I was the back-up as a freshman, and we'll see who starts this year," Britt said. "It's good to have the competition. We push each other and that can only make us both better."

Justin is the third Britt brother in Alabama's football program. Oldest brother, Wesley Britt, was a four-year starter who is now at San Diego in the NFL. Middle brother, senior Taylor Britt, is working at both guard and center for the Tide.

Justin said Wesley is doing well in his first year of professional football. "He's second team at left tackle and the coaches are real pleased," Justin said. "Recently they played Green Bay and Green Bay had its first defensive line in and Wesley held his own."

Wesley has found out one difference in a fifth round pick, which he was, and a first round pick, which teammate Luis Castillo was. San Diego is an expensive place to live. Wesley is renting the guest house at Castillo's home.

Britt is fully recovered after undergoing off-season surgery last winter to alleviate pain and swelling in his feet. He missed much of spring practice, but has been good in fall work.

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