A Proposal

A Few years ago Alabama football fans picked up a deplorable habit: booing the opposing team when it arrived on the field. It started in the student section and I expected it to be a short-lived exercise. But it continues. Why in the world would Bama fans boo Middle Tennessee State? Or any other school? This would be an excellent week to end that practice.

Obviously, Alabama has for many, many years been considered one of the nation's class programs, easily the most polite in the Southeastern Conference. It's time to regain that reputation.

When Southern Miss football players come onto the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday, Crimson Tide (and a few USM) followers will be looking at a squad that has been hard hit by Katrina.

About half the Golden Eagles players families have been wiped out by that catastrophic storm. They don't need to be booed by Alabama fans.

When Alabama goes on the road, the Crimson Tide expects to be booed. After all, Bama has been the bully of Southern football programs for many years. For Bama to be booed is a mark FOR Alabama teams of the past.

For many, many years opponents at Alabama home games in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa were ignored by Crimson Tide fans.

That is far more appropriate behavior than booing. We need to return to that tradition.

And, by the way, if you boo because you think Alabama should try a "Hail Mary" pass from its end of the field with a 9-7 lead before halftime, it shows you don't know much about football.

When you think about it, other than officials' calls, there is really no place for boing in college football. Certainly not at Alabama.

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