Recruiting profile: Irving McGuire

An All City, All Metro, and All Region honoree at center that may appear undersized to many onlookers, Irving McGuire's game speaks high volumes in the trenches.

A 6-0, 261-pound center prospect out of Huntsville's Johnson High School, McGuire is quicker than most defensive linemen, so he can generally get into their body immediately off the snap and control their forward progress.

Along with his quickness, McGuire has good speed (5.3 in the 40-yard dash), which provides an advantage over slower linemen, giving him the ability to get to the linebackers and eliminate defensive stops. Plus, he can pull and lead sweeps to the outside.

Considered a center prospect, he has from time to time called blocking schemes, which is a major positive.

Proving his quickness and football speed, McGuire starts at middle linebacker and was credited with 92 tackles as a junior.

His uncle, Al McGuire, has been a long time high school football coach, and his brother, Russell McGuire, plays at Alabama A&M.

McGuire has a 22-inch vertical jump, carries a 3.68 GPA and is waiting on his ACT score. He should qualify with no problems. He bench presses 330 pounds, squats 500 and power cleans 245.

At this point in the recruiting process, McGuire is considering the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Memphis and Troy State.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Irving McGuire has attended at least one Alabama practice and thinks Coach Helduser is "the greatest." McGuire said he learned more in one day of watching the Helduser work with the Tide O-Linemen than he could have from a year of regular practice.

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