Johnson Commits

Marquis Johnson, from Booker High School in Sarasota, (Fla.) made an official visit to Alabama this past weekend. Johnson had a great trip and said he would make a decision in the near future. And he did, announcing for the Crimson Tide on Tuesday.

Marquis Johnson (6-0, 180) from Booker High School in Sarasota, (Fla.) has made his decision.

"I made it official today," said Marquis Johnson Tuesday. " I called Coach Ungerer and told him I wanted to commit."

"I am very happy and a lot of people in Alabama are going to be happy to see me play for the Tide," Johnson added.

Johnson is very impressed with the Tide's defense and Saturday's performance against the Gators confirmed where he wanted to spend the next four or five years.

"I talked to Coach Ball," Johnson said. "He told me he was excited. He can't wait to coach me. I was recruited to play cornerback."

Johnson talks about the main reason for choosing the Tide.

"Alabama fit me a lot better than the other schools. The defense the Tide plays is exactly the same defense I play now. The school fits me better than anywhere else," he said.

Johnson has taken his official visit with Alabama and has made his decision.

"I am happy with my decision," he said. "I can now concentrate on my senior year."

"My official visit went really good," said Marquis Johnson. "The game was crazy. I liked it a lot. The crowd was so into the game."

Prior to making his commitment announcement, Johnson tgalked about his visit to Tuscaloosa.

"I got down there on Saturday morning. I didn't take the whole tour. I have seen the campus before. I saw the educational buildings. They are top of the line. Alabama players are spoiled. You can tell there is a lot of money in that town. It's a college town. There is a lot of tradition there," Johnson added with a laugh .

 Johnson has been watching the Tide for a while and felt Alabama would beat the Florida Gators.

"I watched a lot of Alabama-Florida classics this summer," Johnson said. "I saw a lot of signs of things to come. Florida could never score against Alabama's defense until late in the game. I knew the way Alabama's defense had been playing, and the way the offense has been playing that Alabama was going to beat Florida. I was a little scared on my official that Alabama might lose, but the players were so crunk before the game."

Alabama's defensive backfield was impressive to Johnson and the Tide's position coach receives the credit.

"The Florida receivers couldn't do anything against Anthony Madison or Bino [Ramzee Robinson]. Coach [Chris] Ball was telling me how they have worked extremely hard. They are both only 5-9 and 5-10. They played man coverage against those big receivers and the Florida players couldn't do anything against them. They just have excellent technique. They are small, but they will get their shot at playing in the NFL," Johnson said.

The 6-1, 180-pound defensive back spent the weekend with Alabama cornerback Ramzee Robinson as his host for the official visit.

 "Bino was my host this weekend," Johnson said. "I was happy to see him get the interception in the game. He has been complaining all year about how he has never gotten a pick. When I come up for my official visit, and when they play the No. 5 team in the country, he gets it. I think I gave him some good luck. He slapped my hand before the game."

"I hung out with all of the defensive backs. I hung out with Juwan Garth and Chris Harris as well. Chris Harris was so crunk before the game. I knew he was going to do something big. He had the batted pass and then on the next play he had the interception that he almost scored," Johnson added.

Johnson is impressed with Alabama's defense and he has found a great team chemistry. The Tide coaching staff has impressed as well.

"I had a great time talking to all of the coaches," he said. "Coach Shula, Coach Ball and all the rest of them. They were all very happy after the game. They told me how much they wanted me and loved me being up there."

"Overall, I had a great trip," said Johnson. "The difference between Alabama and Maryland is that I have never seen more traditional older people going crazy about their team than I saw at Alabama. Everyone is crazy about Alabama. They love their team. At Maryland, there were more students than older people."

"I will announce my decision very soon. It's between Alabama and Maryland is all I am saying right now. I kind of know where I am going, but something could change at any given time," Johnson added.

Sarasota is 4-1 on the year.

Johnson finished his junior season with 50 tackles, three picks and 11 pass breakups.

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