He'll Be Back

Tyrone Prothro is having plenty of company at DCH Regional Medical Center, where he is recovering after Saturday night surgery on his broken leg. He was injured in Alabama's 31-3 win over Florida Saturday and will miss the remainder of the season. The junior could be back for spring practice.

Tyrone Prothro has had company from his Alabama teammates and family and fellow students and Coach Mike Shula and Crimson Tide assistant coaches. He is recovering after what Shula said was successful surgery to put a rod in his left leg, which was broken in two places in Saturday's game.

Shula said that "Hopefully, he will get out (of the hospital) tomorrow (Wednesday). It was a dangerous injury which is why he is being kept in a couple of extra days. Our doctor, Dr. (Les) Fowler, did the surgery and he feels very good about the success of the surgery. Now he'll start recovery and rehab."

Shula said, "Hopefully we'll have him back in the spring. His spirits are up."

The Tide coach said Prothro has had plenty of support and visitors. "Everytime I've been out there he's had family and teammates and students visiting," Shula said. "His room is decorated with signs of support."

Shula added, "We're going to miss him, but now others have an opportunity and have to step up."

Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle was one of those visiting Prothro in the hospital. "I went up Sunday morning, but I didn't get to talk to him until Monday," Croyle said. "He's as up-beat as could be expected, but he's naturally upset about not being able to play any more. He told me, ‘I;ll be back. They'll be talking about me for the Heisman Trophy next year.' And," Croyle added, "that's probably right. He's one of the best football players in the country."

D.J. Hall, Bama's sophomore wide receiver, wore Prothro's number 4 practice jersey in Tuesday's practice. "We're brothers out here," he said. "We miss him. I wore his jersey because I knew if the guys saw his jersey they'd remember him. Anytime you think you can't go full speed, you'll think about how much he'd like to be out here practicing and how he'd go full speed."

Hall said no one on the team would be down over Prothro's injury. "We know that everyone has to step up and make adjustments," he said.

Hall said that Prothro gave him a message for the team. "He said not to worry about him, to go out and win, and that he'd be back next year," Hall said.

Offensive Coordinator David Rader said, "We all have to step up and do a little more. There's not any one guy who can do it all, because he is one of our best players. He's not with us, so everyone has to step up and make up for his absence. Everyone who puts his hand on the ball will have an opportunity to do more"

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