Shula Welcomes Rice and Straw

The Alabama football team received the full backing of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Brittish Foriegn Secretary Jack Straw and Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula made a surprise appearance Friday as the two dignitaries delivered a public lecture at the Bryant Conference Center Friday.

Rice will take part in the coin toss ceremony prior the Alabama-Tennessee game Saturday at 2:30.

"I'm delighted to give this lecture, but I'm also looking forward to tomorrow afternoon," Rice, an Alabama native, said in opening her remarks. "I know the Tide is going to roll, roll, roll."

Of course it should be noted that playing to the home crowd is of the highest important for effective diplomats.

Said Straw, "I'm looking forward to Alabama winning and avenging the last occasion. We won't talk about that. We've had our instructions and our luggage has been searched for anything orange."

Rice and Straw gave flawlessly delivered and well received speeches on the link between civil rights and democracy before a short question and answer session with the audience.

Then Shula, who arrived at the lecture towards the end of Straw's speech, delivered autographed footballs to the two dignitaries.

"I know you're a fan of Brittish football," Shula told Straw. "Hopefully, after this weekend you will be an avid fan of Alabama football... There are two words we'd like you to remember us by, and that's Roll Tide."

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