Tim Tebow goes In-Depth on 'Bama Visit

The Alabama coaching staff is putting the full-court press on Scout.com's five-star quarterback Tim Tebow from Nease High School. Tebow arrived to his hotel very late Sunday night after spending the day with the Alabama coaching staff, but took the time to call Scout.com and inform us about his weekend experience.

"The visit went great," said Tim Tebow. "I really had a good time."

"The game was exciting. They didn't put up a lot of points. It was a defensive game. Alabama played with a lot of heart. They found a way to win the ball game. It's a very good win for the Alabama program," Tebow added.

"I talked to Brodie [Croyle] for a little bit. He is a really nice guy. He is a very good quarterback, and he is having a great season."

Tebow injured his ankle in his game Friday night, but that didn't change his plans for his official visit with the Crimson Tide. Good news-the injury isn't serious.

"I flew into Birmingham about twelve o'clock on Saturday. We drove straight to Tuscaloosa and met up with everyone at the football complex. I went out on Saturday night after the game with my host, Will Oakley. We had a great time together. Today we were able to hang out with the coaching staff and tour the facilities. We met with a few academic advisers as well. I had a lot of fun," said Tebow.

"I really enjoyed spending time with all the coaches. They were very excited to have me there, and I was excited as well. They were anxious and looking forward to the rest of the season. I think Alabama is going to do good job the rest of the year. They will have tough games against LSU and Auburn."

"I think my parents really enjoyed the trip. We all had a really good time. We plan to come back to Alabama for the LSU game."

The Alabama football program is heading in the right direction, and their top prospect is very high on the Tide after his visit.

"Overall, there are a lot of good things to like about Alabama. I like the tradition. Everything about Alabama is focused on the football team. I have a lot of respect for Coach [Mike] Shula, Coach [Dave] Rader and Coach [Buddy] Wyatt. I really respect what they have done with the program and what they are still trying to do. I have so much respect for them," Tebow said.

It wasn't a surprise when Tebow was paired with former teammate Will Oakley [Tide receiver] as his official visit host. The two were dominant on the field two years ago at Nease, and Oakley is hoping the two will hook up once again.

"It was great to hang out with Will this weekend," he said. "We really had a good time. We went out to a few different parties on Saturday night. We had a lot of fun together this weekend."

Alabama has been one of Tebow's favorites for a long time, and the Alabama coaching staff got their clarification this weekend how serious Tebow is about the Crimson Tide.

"Obviously Alabama is in my top five," said Tebow. "I really like them a lot. I am going to take a few more visits, then make my decision. I am scheduled to take an official visit to USC in December. I haven't set up anything else. We are trying to decide on a few more schools like LSU, Michigan and Florida State."

"ESPN wants to me announce on December 14. I will try to have my decision reached by then," Tebow added.

Besides finding a place where he feels the most comfortable, Tebow is looking at other key aspects before making his decision.

"A lot of it will have to deal with the coaching staff," he said. "I want to have a great relationship with the coaching staff, and I want to see how good of a relationship the coaches have with their players. I want to know that they are the guys I want to be around for the next four or five years. I want to be very excited about playing for them."

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Tim Tebow, Jarred Fayson and Jamar Hornsby signing with the same school in February. All three stated last week they hope to make it happen. There's another name to add to that list.

"I talked to Tim Hawthorne a lot during the game on Saturday," Tebow said. "We actually exchanged numbers after the Florida game. He is a real nice guy and a great player."

Tebow is on pace to graduate in December, but another sport may keep him at home a little longer.

"There is a possibility I will graduate in December. I know I can graduate academically, but I want to be loyal to my baseball team. We have a great opportunity to win the state championship this year, and I would definitely want to do that."

Stay tuned to Scout.com for the very latest with Tim Tebow's recruitment.

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