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Alabama may have hoped and expected to play a lot of men against a Mississippi State team that has won only two games and has not won in six Southeastern Conference tries, but Bama was able to use only 58 players as the Crimson Tide struggled to a 17-0 win over the Bulldogs in Starkville Saturday. Because it was an SEC game, Alabama as the visiting team was limited to only 70 men. (The home team in SEC games can dress 95, of which 80 are designated as eligible to play.)

Alabama started the game offensively with "standard personnel," meaning two wide receivers, a tight end, fullback and running back. Bama was also in what is considered its base defense of four down linemen, three linebackers, and four defensive backs.

Keith Brown, who had missed the previous week with a thigh bruise, returned to start at the wide receiver spot opposite D.J. Hall. On defense, Justin Britt, who had started early in the year, was back with the first team at tackle in front of Jeremy Clark.

Fullback Tim Castille was dressed out, but did not play. He had missed most practice the previous week. When starter LéRon McClain had to go out temporarily with a shoulder injury, he was replaced by walk-on Will Denniston, who had played at tight end in his first varsity action the week before.

J.B. Closner was the starter at center, as he has been for almost every game the past three years, but his Crimson Tide career was ended in the first quarter when he suffered a broken leg. He was replaced by Taylor Britt. Left guard Antoine Caldwell was injured in the first half and Justin Moon played in his spot the second half.

Alabama used 24 on offense, 23 on defense, and 11 just on special teams. Here are those who played with starters listed first and the number of plays in parenthesis. If there are two numbers, the second is the number of kicking game plays.


Split End–Keith Brown (52-1), Zeke Knight (19), Matt Miller (3-16)

Left Tackle–Chris Capps (51-3), Cody Davis (17-1)

Left Guard–Antoine Caldwell (44-1), Justin Moon (24-4)

Center–J.B. Closner (15), Taylor Britt (53)

Right Guard–B.J. Stabler (55-3), Marlon Davis (13)

Right Tackle–Kyle Tatum (62-4), Mark Sanders (6)

Tight End–Nick Walker (47-4), Travis McCall (24-5)

Quarterback–Brodie Croyle (68)

Fullback–LéRon McClain (47-9), Will Denniston (1) Kyle Bennett (5-3)

Halfback–Kenneth Darby (41), Glen Coffee (9-1), Jimmy Johns (18-4)

Flanker–D.J. Hall (56), Matt Caddell (18)


Right End–Mark Anderson (36), Keith Saunders (10)

Tackle–Justin Britt (22), Jeremy Clark (18)

Nose Tackle–Rudy Griffin (25), Dominic Lee (9), J.P. Adams (20)

Left End–Wallace Gilberry (36), Chris Harris (10), Bobby Greenwood (14)

Strongside Linebacker–DeMeco Ryans (49-5), Terrence Jones (4-17)

Middle Linebacker–Freddie Roach (49), Matt Collins (4-7)

Weakside Linebacker–Juwan Simpson (49-5), Demarcus Waldrop (4-12)

Right Cornerback–Anthony Madison (30-1), Simeon Castille (30-10)

Left Cornerback–Ramzee Robinson (56)

Strong Safety–Charlie Peprah (42-5), Jeffrey Dukes (12-10)

Safety–Roman Harper (53-5), Chris Keys (4-12)


Punter–Jeremy Schatz (5)

Placekicker–Jamie Christensen (8, 2 PAT, 2 FG, 4 KO)

Holder–Matt Miller (19, 2 PAT, 2 FG, 3 split end, 12 other special teams)

Snapper–Drew Lane (9, 2 PAT, 2 FG, 5 P)

Coverage and Returns–Brandon Brooks (8), Marcel Stamps (2), Marcus Carter (5), Juke King (5), Eric Gray (13), Justin Ballard (2), Rashad Johnson (15), Theo Townsend (9)

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