Photo report: a Night of Champions

As Coach Franchione noted afterwards, the night belonged as much to the non-participants as the lifters, as the Tide athletes screamed encouragement to their teammates. When the action was finished, ten lifting records had been set.

Cornelius Wortham prepares for his bench press effort. Wortham's lift of 480 pounds set the mark for Tide linebackers, bettering the previous record held by Saleem Rasheed.

Senior defensive/offensive tackle Atlas Herrion performs a squat. At the conclusion of the program, Herrion was one of four Tide athletes named "Iron Men" for their overall lifting prowess.

Concentration is the key, as redshirt freshman Clint Johnston prepares for his hang clean.

Anthony Bryant (who set a record on the squat) and Marico Portis (who set a record of his own on the incline bench press) joke with their teammates. That's walk-on lineman Boone Stutz over Portis' left shoulder and lineman Mark Sanders on the far right.

Obviously the participants deserve most of the credit for their efforts, but the Tide players deserve recognition as well. All night long the athletes surrounded their teammates, screaming and exhorting them on to success.

He was just supposed to demonstrate to the crowd how the vertical jump is measured. But spurred on by the crowd and his teammates, senior Waine Bacon set a new record with a leap of 42 inches.

After meeting with reporters and just before heading off to a team meeting, Dennis Franchione takes a moment to sign autographs for some young fans.

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