Shula: Lots of Football Left

Alabama had opportunities to score more first half points Saturday, and stayed backed up in its own in of the field throughout the second half, frustrating the Tide offense and Head Coach Mike Shula in the 16-13 overtime loss.

"Any time you get chances to make a play you have to take advantage of them because you don't know when they are going to come," Shula said after Saturday's game of nearly four hours. "We weren't able to get anything going in the second half."

It feels like this is the end because we were undefeated and now we're not, but we've got a good football team left to play."

Alabama had a some drops and some short-arm plays from wide receivers in the first half that were potential completions against the LSU blitz.

"We're young," Shula said. "We became younger as the season went on. It usually doesn't happen that way. Our oldest wide receiver is a sophomore. The reason I bring it up is that they've got to be physical and go up and make plays. We're not quite there."

"Nobody feels worse than this group because we know we played our hearts out and it wasn't good enough. We've got a decision to make" about whether we're going to feel sorry for ourselves or whether we're going to watch the tape, learn from it and get better.

In addition to some drops there were other missed opportunities in the first half such as a overrun on what looked like a certain blocked punt by Theo Townsend on LSU's first series and another near block by Chris Keys.

Any opportunities on offense vanished after the first half.

"They played better that we did in the second half," Shula said. "They were blitzing in the first half and we did some things against them that we weren't able to do in the second half. There was a point where we were just trying to get a first down and get out of it. We finally got a chance at the end."

"We felt good (at halftime) but we knew that it was going to be important to get off to a good start in the second half and the opposite happened."

Subtracting sacks, Alabama rushed for 116 yards in the first half and added just 30 yards in the second half on rushing plays.

"We wanted to stay aggressive and some of the times we got out of the run against the blitz," Shula said. "We all know that when they're safeties and corners are blitzing. We actually got into some spots where we were real productive."

Shula said, "We've tried to play to that (the fact that the defense is so strong) a little bit but we realize we've got a good quarterback who can make plays, too."

Shula honed in on looking for more offensive consistency against a good defense. "We played against a really good football team. We played well at times but not at others, and that just ended up catching up to us."

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