LSU Still Physical

Alabama offensive coordinator Dave Rader made it clear he wanted to choose his words carefully in post-game interviews after Alabama's 16-13 loss to LSU on Saturday.

Rader said the Tide offense missed opportunities Saturday, indicating confusion with the allowance of clutch-and-grab tactics of the LSU defenders on at least one play.

"We had Keith on the slant-go and the defender does what he has to do not to let the ball be completed. That's one (opportunity) we thought we had right there. I don't understand."

Rader referred to a first quarter third and four play from the LSU 11 yard line where Brown was being defended by LSU corner Jonathan Zenon just before Alabama kicked a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

Croyle pump-faked and threw to a spot in the corner of the end zone on the no call.

"We have to be there so the contact doesn't bother us. It happened down there last year," Rader said.

Rader said, "I thought the guys did an excellent job rebounding from last week and put themselves in position. But for the second week in a row in the second half we didn't move the ball the way we needed to. We had to score touchdowns when we were down there (in the first half.)"

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