Ready to Run

When thinking of any Alabama underclassmen who might be considering turning pro early, Alabama running back Kenneth Darby's is first and one of the very few to come up. Tuesday Darby had a hearty laugh before answering a question about his future, which proved as much as the verbal response that his focus this week is on Auburn.

"Oh man. I ain't thought about it," he said. "It crossed my mind but I don't think about it yet. If anything I'm going to sit down and think about it after the season. I'm going to have to have a long think about that… Holla at me in December some time. More than likely I'll probably come back, but I can't make any decision right now on that. Right now I'm still focused on coming back and playing."

Darby went over 1,000 yards for the season last week. He currently has 192 rushes for 1,072 yards on the season. On the SEC rushing chart Darby is third behind Kentucky's Rafael Little (108.1 ypg) and Auburn's Kenny Irons (110.2 ypg).

Darby wanted the ball more against LSU and he's likely to get it plenty of times.

"You want him to say that," Alabama Coach Mike Shula said. "We had some good runs... You kind of go back and look. There were some runs we had called, att first I didn't think we called enough, but we called more than I thought, some of the ones that were successful in the first half.

"In a game like that you don't second guess yourself to a point where you don't sleep, but you do it on how you can do better next week. Any time you lose a game you like that you are always saying to yourself I wish I had called this more or that more, or called this on third down as long as you coach."

The squad was dressed in shorts and helmets for Tuesday's practice, but players said it was not exactly a no-contact day.

"Coach just wants us to go into this game feeling fresh, feeling good," Darby said. "Our O-line and D-Line used their pads to do certain drills that they need their pads for. Other than that, he wanted us to go into this and be fresh and ready to play."

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula wondered how his team would react to the loss to LSU. DeMeco Ryans said it would be tough to put out of their minds and move forward to Auburn. Darby hasn't put the loss out of his mind, he's using it in a different manner.

"Oh Yeah. That's making us work hard during practice because we keep thinking about that loss," the Tide junior said. "We feel like we shouldn't have lost that game. It's a positive effect all day."

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