Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle made his name this season by busting defenses who tried to attack him with the blitz. The problem has surfaced more recently, when teams laid back in coverage and rushed just four linemen more often.

"Every time they blitz we gash them. But the last two teams we've played have been very talented up front. All they've had to do is rush their front four," Croyle said Sunday afternoon. "We've just got to get better. We can't just let teams not rush us, play zone defense, get the pressure and still be able to stop the run. Those things just don't go hand in hand. If they're going to play zone you should have a lot of time to throw and be able to run pretty effectively… That's what blitzing is. You either hit it or you don't and teams haven't had to do that against us."

Croyle was still ticked by Bama's Auburn's unimagineable 11 sacks Saturday and by the Tide's two-game slide to finish the regular season.

"I feel the same way as I did yesterday," Croyle said. Croyle said Saturday he was "ashamed" to be a part of teams that went 0-for-4 against Auburn in their careers, but that should take away from all the 2005 senior class has accomplished.

"We're proud of what we've done," Croyle said. "Any time you can be one play away from being 10-0 going into the Auburn game you can't think of your season as a failure. It doesn't make much sense. We're not proud of the way we played the last two games and especially Saturday, but that doesn't take away from what we've done all season. It would be a shame of our fans to kind of think the same thing."

Croyle said the team was down after the loss to LSU.

"We were down for a couple of days. Our dreams were kind of shattered," he said. "But anybody that can't get up for the Alabama-Auburn game needs to check their pulse. I think there's a lot of guys that need to kind of check where they stand at because it didn't seem like we had all 11 guys playing for the same goals yesterday."

Croyle had strong words about what he is anticipating over the next six weeks as the Tide prepares for a bowl game.

"There's going to be a lot of – I'm sure DeMeco and Freddie and them will challenge the defense and I'm going to challenge a bunch of young guys, because that's what our offense is, they're a bunch of young guys except for me," he said. "There's going to be a lot of soul-searching between now and the bowl game and I guess we'll find out after January second if we've got the guts to step up to it."

Croyle Record Watch

Brodie Croyle finished the regular season 183-for-308 passing (59.4 PCT) for 2,224 yards. He needs 155 passing yards in Bama's bowl game to equal Alabama's single-season record for most passing yards in a season. 79 passing yards in the bowl game would equal his mark from two years ago, which ranks second on Alabama's single-season list.

Croyle already holds the mark for career yards. He is currently at 6,107, ahead of Andrew Zow's previous high mark of 5,983 career passing yards. With 13 completions against Auburn, Croyle also became Alabama's career leader in completions with 469, surpassing Zow's previous best mark of 459.

Croyle is 22 completions off the pace of Gary Hollingsworth's record 205 single-season completion total. In a bowl game, he will almost certainly have more career pass attempts than any other Tide player. He is 14 shy of Zow's record of 852.

He already holds the record for career touchdown passes with 40 this season. His 16 TD passes in 2003 is tied with Mike Shula for the single-season record. Croyle is three shy of that mark this year.

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