Tide Legacy is Heating Up

Jake Jones had an outstanding senior year at Mountain Brook-Ala., and has scholarships offers from several elite programs. Son of Mountain Brook's head coach and former Alabama-great Joey Jones, the younger Jones is a talented defensive back for the Spartans. He is naming a top four and scheduling official visits.

"I have recently received offers from LSU and Alabama," said Jake Jones. "LSU offered me a few weeks ago, and Alabama offered me last Tuesday. I have received offers from Vanderbilt, West Virginia and Mississippi State as well."

"I would have to say my top four schools are Alabama, LSU, Vanderbilt and West Virginia. I can't really say I have a favorite because I have not taken any of my official visits. I am leaning towards LSU a little bit because they have been recruiting me since the summer," Jones added.

Jones talks about his favorites.

Alabama: "Alabama offered me a full scholarship last week. It's not a Bryant Scholarship. The coaches had not been recruiting me because they planned to offer the Bryant Scholarship to me. You're not suppose to recruit the players who you give those type of scholarships to. Coach [Mike] Shula saw my highlight tape last week. He called my dad and told him they had a scholarship for me."

"It would really mean a lot for me to play for Alabama. My dad hasn't put any pressure on me at all. He knows I have to make my own decision. It would be a very special thing for me to do. I have been very impressed with Alabama this year. They did a great job all year. I have been an Alabama fan my whole life, and I was very proud of them. They have struggled the past five years with probation, and it's been rough. Towards the end of the season their offensive linemen got hurt, but they still stuck it out. They played some great football, and I was very proud of that."

LSU: "I went down to LSU last week for an unofficial visit. We went down on Wednesday and Thursday to watch practice. We didn't go to the game. I talked to coach [Les] Miles, coach [Jimbo] Fisher and all the other coaches. They told me they liked me as a cornerback. They said they may try to add some weight on me and make me a safety."

"I really like LSU a lot. The fact to play in the SEC has always been a dream of mine. LSU is a nationally ranked program. It would be a lot of fun to play with all the great athletes they have on their team. Their offensive linemen are huge. I have never seen offensive linemen that big. I hung around the defensive backs for most the day when I was there. I am a little thinner than a few of them, but I am not too far behind. It would be a lot of fun to play with those guys."

Vanderbilt: "I took an unofficial visit to Vanderbilt a few weeks ago for the Kentucky game. I really liked it up there. It wasn't like going to an LSU game because there were only 40,000 fans there. It was different. It wasn't any worse or any better. I was very impressed with the way Vanderbilt handled themselves after being down by so many points at the half. They came back to make it a very good game.

"The best thing about Vanderbilt is they are getting better. They beat Tennessee this year, and they should have beaten Florida. The coaches were telling me during the summer they were going to be good, but usually teams just say that. Vanderbilt hasn't really been a team that is mentioned when you talk about programs in the SEC, but now they are. Their academics are huge. If you went to Vanderbilt for four years you would be pretty much set in life if you don't go on to play in the NFL. They are definitely a program on the rise."

West Virginia: "West Virginia is a great program. The only down side is how far away it is. You never know what can happen though. I may go on my official visit and find something I love. West Virginia has a very young team. Coach Trickett is my recruiting coach, and I like him a lot. He is very down to earth, and he always tells me the truth. West Virginia beat Louisville this year so you know they are good. They will probably play in a BCS bowl game as well."

Jones has become a hot commodity for several schools, and he is excited about the recent turn of events.

"It feels very good to get my status up," he said. "This summer I had a tear in my quad which hurt me. When scouts would come to watch, I wasn't able to do anything. My junior season I played receiver all year. This year I have played cornerback. I sent my highlight tape out a few weeks ago, and now all of the offers are starting to come in."

The 6-1, 180 pound athlete plans to wait until after his official visits before making a decision, and three of those visits are scheduled.

"I am taking my official visit to Vanderbilt this weekend," Jones said. "I have LSU December 17, and Alabama has talked to me about coming in December 9. I am not sure about the Alabama visit. I may wait on taking the visit there."

When asked a time-frame for a decision Jones replied, "I don't really have a time frame as to when I will make my decision. I am starting to get more offers so I will probably wait until early January before I make a decision."

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