Tim Hawthorne Maintains Poker Face

After Homewood receiver Tim Hawthorne's five catches for 75 yards (all in the first half) in the Patriot's 45-13 win over Buckhorn in the Alabama 5A state finals Friday night, the five-star prospect was ready to talk a little recruiting. Hawthorne makes no apologies for enjoying the recruiting process, especially since the high school season is over and full-fledged recruiting heats up.

"Now, coaches can make in home visits so I've had coaches in my house all through the week," Tim Hawthorne said. "I've been going to sleep really late this week. I'm so glad we got (the state championship game) over with and we got on them real early. I'm grateful for that"

Hawthorne had to balance in-home visits from Auburn, Mississippi State and Florida with preparation for the championship game.

"This week I've had Auburn, Mississippi State and Florida in my house," he said. "You grow up and you watch these coaches and players in the SEC and ACC and these big conferences, and some of these guys are in my midst right now. Not in a million years would I imagine that I would have like a head coach in my house. Coach Croom or somebody."

"It's amazing and it's shocking, but this is something that I've worked hard for my whole life. This is something I feel I'm probably going to have to make a living off of, so I don't regret doing it."

Hawthorne said, "I'm in the process now of figuring out which schools are going to get an official visit, and both of the in-state schools are looking good to get one. I've taken so many unofficial visits to the point where I've got a good feel. Just because I don't give a school an official visit won't kick them out of the running at all."

Hawthorne wouldn't be nailed down to saying that Alabama and Auburn were assured an official visit, however. Hawthorne, as his teammate and Alabama commit David Ross put it, maintained his "poker face." He said he would be narrowing his list down to 10 schools shortly.

Hawthorne, who's father is an insurance agent, said he would like to major in business management, "taking risks, being an entrepreneur or something." That would bode well for Alabama, with its strong business school, but Hawthorne aslo said, "I know I'm going to get a good education wherever I go, I'm just going to put my mind to it."

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