Holding My Breath

Like most Alabama football fans, I have been following the recruiting saga of Tim Tebow with bated breath. And today, when he will make his announcement, it finally hit me that the result is on my shoulders.

How can I have anything to do with whether Tim Tebow goes to Alabama or chooses to attend Florida? I figured it out.

There is no way to know how many times I have been asked where I think Tim Tebow will go to college. But I think it has been about as often as I take a breath. And I noticed that when I breathe in, I predict Tebow will choose Alabama. Breathe out, Tebow to Florida.

So the secret to the Crimson Tide landing the nation's top uncommitted quarterback is simple. I have to hold my breath until 4:10 p.m. CST when Tim Tebow will have a nationally-broadcast announcement of his decision from Nease High School in St. Augustine, Florida.

So that means I don't breathe out. ("Florida is only an hour for his home.")

And if I do breathe out, I need to quickly breathe in. ("Alabama is the only Southern school with a truly national football reputation.")

Don't breathe out! ("His family has Florida roots.")

And in! ("At Alabama he plays for Mike Shula in a pro-style offense, not Urban Meyer, in a WAC fantasyland quarterback-killer.")

Out. ("He grew up a Florida fan.")

Breathe in. Deep. ("At Alabama, he follows in a line of quarterbacks like Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler. The greatest Florida quarterback was Steve Spurrier, and he's now the evil opponent of the Gators.")

And hold it. Hold it. Hold it.

Tebow is ours.

One final thing: If you are so distraught over the recruitment of Tim Tebow that you just can't function, take a breath.

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