Shula Will Give Some a Longer Look

With the speed of games in the regular season week-to-week, it's sometimes hard to look for new personnel groupings or give down-the-line players a long enough look, but with the gap between the end of the regular season and the Cotton Bowl versus Texas Tech on January 2nd, there could be time to get a look at some different faces on the field.

On the offensive line, tackle Cody Davis and guard Marlon Davis have been running with the second unit, and have seen limited time in games. Shula said the next week could be a chance to take a longer look at either of the two, and especially the true freshman Marlon Davis.

"We've kind of been trying to get (Marlon) in a little bit more, Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula said. "He's had a little more practice the past couple of weeks and we have been trying to get him in more. (We could) possibly (look at) Cody Davis. We'll have to see how he fits in with our game play."

Shula also said that receivers Will Oakley and Marcus McKnight could go into that same category as "ones we would look at, but those are just thoughts for us right now."

Shula said one though was that Oakley could get an opportunity as an inside receiver in three- and four-wide sets. "It's something that we would consider - that they would get obviously more than they've had."

As for position swaps, Shula held today that there was "nothing worth mentioning" at this point, especially not for the Cotton Bowl.

There are indications that Shula is experimenting with some moves of players down the depth chart, but does not want to go into detail about a possible move until it is final for any of several reasons, not the least of which are spare a player who might not work at a new position. There are also recruiting considerations, with concerns that other teams could make misrepresentations using Alabama's roster or depth chart.

Shula bristled at questions similar to ones that were appropriate last year, perhaps indicating the importance of a 10-win season and finishing the season on a positive note, as opposed to last year's slightly more appropriate look to the future.

"We've got to get everyone ready for TTU, that's number one," Shula said, asked about younger quarterbacks possibly getting more work in practice. "Obviously Brodie's going to get all of the work and John Parker's our second guy. He's going to have to be familiar with what they're doing. At the end of practice we'll get them some more work."

The major change in this year's preparation is that there will not be two-a-day workouts for the bowl game. As was the practice for the past two Saturdays, Shula plans to let the veteran players leave the practice field after their work is done and to keep the younger players on the field to get more practice time in.

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