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Join recruiting analysts from 5-6pm (CST) to ask questions pertaining to the 78 prep All-Stars in San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American game. Four U.S. Army All-Americans joined chat as well and fielded several questions Tuesday afternoon. Be sure and join daily until the game January 7th.

MillerSafrit:: Hey guys

MillerSafrit:: just got out of the press conference

MillerSafrit: Jarrell Miller is joining us

MillerSafrit: 4* LB and a star out here (San Antonio) looking at Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

hssports10: Miller: lite or heavy afternoon practice?

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] Loves it down here in Texas and San Antonio, getting to eat, practice, and loves the weather.

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] going to Hard Rock Cafe, and wants to see San Antonio

AndrewBone: Pressure from the in-state schools to stay home to play college football?

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] he is going to decide Friday when his dad and his coach is here

MillerSafrit:[Jarrell Miller] definitely, Coach Groh said that if he wants to do something big, he should do it instate.

bamalawdawg: since he's a guy who is or was considering UT, what does he think of the state of their program, that have had a successful decade but a terrible 2005 and appear to be doing poorly recruiting for 2006

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] the Virginia Tech coaching staff, knowing them so well, he has that pressure.

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] it doesn't affect them, everybody has a down year it just matters how you respond to it, and if you go to TENN he can be an impact and go in there and play early.

AndrewBone: Who is the best player you have gone up against this week?

MillerSafrit: [Jarrell Miller] Sam Young and Micah Johnson... Had to play offense and that dude can hit hard

MillerSafrit: Jarrell has left

MillerSafrit: ok, AJ Wallace Joins us

MillerSafrit: [Wallace] Been exciting, meeting all the top athletes in the nation has been good

scgrad97: AJ, coming to USC?

MillerSafrit: [Wallace] Best one I went against was Vidal Hazelton, Percy was good, and Tim Tebow throws the ball like that. I've caught a ball that at camp at Nebraska's camp by Turner Gill (NU QB)

MillerSafrit: [Wallace] Deciding between Ohio State and Penn State

MillerSafrit: [Wallace] Basically the opportunity, wanted to look deep into those schools, but more opportunities to play offense and defense.

AndrewBone: Your thoughts of the Ohio State game?

MillerSafrit:[Wallace] It was good, I was watching my boy Ted in my room with Akeem (Hebron). The Georgia game was on next. I thought Georgia was going to come back.

AndrewBone: your thoughts of the Florida State-Penn State game?

MillerSafrit:[Wallace] I'm close to deciding, I should be done by Thursday or Friday. I brought three hats, including Nebraska, but with all the running backs that they had, I didn't think I was going to get that much playing time.

MillerSafrit: [Wallace] I think it is going to be a great game, and look forward to watching (FSU-PSU)

MillerSafrit: That is all from AJ

MillerSafrit: Brandon Spikes joins us next

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] this game is going to get you prepared for the next level, with linemen running fast, everybody with blazing speed, but this is the one place I want to be, right with these guys here

bamalawdawg: for Brandon - did you get to watch the Alabama, Florida, or Virginia Tech games?

tngatr: Brandon, what linebacker position do you plan on playing at Florida, I mean in college?

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] I didn't get to watch none of them, all three of them were during practice.

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] I got to watch Notre Dame and Georgia, those were good games.

AndrewBone: In the video gave a lot of props to UF...are they considered the team to beat for your signature?

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] I think that after this is over and get faster, I think I can get faster and play all three of them. Whenever I get a nutrition program I'll probably be a mike or sam

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] I'll see Saturday, right now everybody is pretty much the same... the decision is going to be based on the people. I want to know that people are going to be on me and make sure I get my degree.

bamalawdawg: Brandon, I've seen some of your tape and you remind me of Alabama All-American Demeco Ryans - is he a player who you try to emulate?

tngatr: Is Carl Johnson working on you hard to join him in Gainesville?

AndrewBone: Compare the 3 linebacker coaches at those three schools...your comfort level

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] In my heart, I think I do... the decision is going to be the best decision for me and my family. I already told my mom and she supports me.

bamalawdawg: have the depth charts or 2006 commits had an impact on your decision?

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] Takeo Spikes, Dick Butkus, Ray, all those great linebackers that hit you and get to the ball...

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] At VT, the LB coach is the DC, Coach at Florida is known for his defense, and I can relate to the coach at Alabama... all three of them are great coaches.

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] That's my roommate (Carl Johnson)... Every morning "Think Gators, Think Gators", every night, Fayson, Harvin, everybody is recruiting.

MillerSafrit: [Spikes] Micah Johnson, I said he needs to be a host because he's going to be a great recruiter. He keeps working me hard to get up to UK. Guys from Ohio State, Notre Dame, everybody.

MillerSafrit: next we have Ian Symonette and he will be our last guest of the day then we have a Q&A session with our scouts.

MillerSafrit: [Ian] It's been good with the guys, but with the coaches they are showing you how to use your technique more. All these guys are good and it all comes down to how you use your technique and the way you work.

MillerSafrit: [Ian] Oklahoma, TA&M, Miami, LSU and Florida are my final five.

cecilia81: were u impressed with lsu's defeat of miami?

MillerSafrit:[Ian] The trips were great, it was a first time experience, because I had never heard about recruiting or anything. A lot of people say they get mad at it, but it is new and I enjoy it.

tngatr: What are your thoughts on playing with a QB like Tebow. Is Tebow working you hard to come to Gainesville?

MillerSafrit: [Ian] It doesn't really affect me. Sometime teams have good days, and LSU had a really good day, and sometimes teams have bad games, and Miami had a bad game.

MillerSafrit:[Ian] I watch the offensive line and see how the programs work with the offensive line

neweraO2: Will the coaching changes at Miami play into your final decision?

MillerSafrit:[Ian] Not really affect me, big time players to somewhere and that is his decision, but if I go somewhere that a player goes just because that's where he goes I may not like it for four years.

MillerSafrit: [Ian] No (to the coaching changes)

MillerSafrit: [Ian] I am going to take my other trips and then make a decision

MillerSafrit: feel free to ask away at our recruiting analysts

MillerSafrit: the players are leaving for the Hard Rock Cafe to eat

AndrewBone: Miller....Play of the day today?

tngatr: What are your thoughts on how Harvin has looked so far?

danieliroberts: how is akeem hebron doing

bamalawdawg: Any word from Mitch Mustain on his recruiting - like confirmation that he will visit ANY school?

MillerSafrit: best play that I heard about was Spikes blowing Chris Wells up in the hole

MillerSafrit: bama - we have not confirmed through him yet, but we hope to get an interview with him tomorrow.

MillerSafrit: Harvin looks great and then not so good. The coaches are using him in space and that is what he needs to do in college.

MillerSafrit: Akeem is a beast out there, and with two bigger LBs playing beside him and freeing up some area to roam, it has helped him become the missle that got him here

bamalawdawg: as to Mustain, be sure to ask if he has scholarship offers from everyone he is visiting

neweraO2: Which players have surprised so far?

bamalawdawg: that is specific in reference to ND and their 2 QB commits

bamalawdawg: are a lot of the players pressuring each other to go to the same group of schools

bamalawdawg: like those already committed to non-top 10 schools

danieliroberts: who is ausberry rooming with

MillerSafrit: to me, the biggest surprise have been Michael Goodson and Brandon Spikes

MillerSafrit: bama - to my knowledge he does not have a committable offer just yet from them

cromo: sorry, just got in. I've got to ask. What's the reasoning behind using footballs that the guys aren't accustomed to?

MillerSafrit: daniel - Stanley Havili

bamalawdawg: thanks, I wouldn't think so - seems like that ship sailed

AndrewBone: Did a lot of parents travel w/ the players?

MillerSafrit: he was in here hanging out, so I could ask David

MillerSafrit: he'll join us tomorrow at 5CST

bamalawdawg: have all of the announcing players said they've made decisions already?

MillerSafrit: Andrew - a few, but most will come down Thurs and Fri

bamalawdawg: or did some of them just pick this date and might still be undecided?

MillerSafrit: law - it's about half and half, some have, others are strong enough leans that they can commit

MillerSafrit: cromo - it is part of a sponsorship with NBC, which airs the arena league

MillerSafrit: I think that almost all did pick it because they want their friends and family see the important event.

bamalawdawg: have any of the players who are not commiting until signing day or after visits been recruited hard by other committed players?

MillerSafrit: there is a lot of jabbing back and forth between the committed and uncommitted players... fun to watch, especially Micah Johnson

bamalawdawg: I assume these guys group up on their own for meals, so if an undecided prospect sat at the "USC" table for every meal that could be an indicator

MillerSafrit: we are not allowed in there to see all of that. :)

MillerSafrit: we'll have a chat everyday through Friday MillerSafrit: from 5-6 CST MillerSafrit: also have a radio show at 8CST that you can hear our hoarse voices

gond014: any news on ND guys?

SilenceOfTheLambert: miller how was frazer 2day?

bamalawdawg: Are Frazer and Mustain on the same team?

MillerSafrit: Frazer and Mustain are on separate teams, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them both start

danieliroberts: miller does geathers have grade issues

bamalawdawg: Frazer can't be too happy with Mustain right now

AndrewBone: How do we locate the radio show at 8pm?

bamalawdawg: unless Weis has already soothed Frazer

MillerSafrit: that said, both QBs for the East are having trouble finding placement on the ball

bamalawdawg: Frazer sounds like a heck of a QB, but it would suck to go from being "the man" to "the man's career backup"

MillerSafrit: is the radio

bamalawdawg: you think when Wies offered Frazer, he said "you are #2 on our board"

MillerSafrit: roberts - that is the rumor

10ECscs: Who were the "MOST" impresive players in the TRENCHES today?

bamalawdawg: or "we want to bring in two of the top 5 QBs in the country so you can fight it out"

danieliroberts: miller what do u think about prince miller

MillerSafrit: Odrick, Rose, and McCoy looked great today

gond014: where do you think Young, McCoy and Butch Lewis will end up?

MillerSafrit: roberts - I am a big fan of Prince and think he's a kid that will play early though he may not have a truely high ceiling

bamalawdawg: what team stands to pick up the most commits from the game?

MillerSafrit: Young - ND, McCoy - PSU, Lewis - ND

MillerSafrit: SC has a good number that they have a great shot at

lsugradman: Hey Miller do you think Jai Eugene will end up being as good of a CB as everyone projects considering he hasn't played there much?

gond014: lots of people think Young and Lewis are heading to SC

bamalawdawg: I recall the game having like 5-6 Tennessee commits last year

bamalawdawg: so this will be USC's year?

gond014: claiming Young had a great SC visit, although he has yet to visit ND officially

bamalawdawg: what do you think is bigger for recruits now.... bamalawdawg: announcing at the AA game.... bamalawdawg: or ON Signing Day

MillerSafrit: they like AA game because more people see it

MillerSafrit: that's all for today

MillerSafrit: check in daily at 5pm CST

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