Chat with Andre Smith

San Antonio---This week the U.S. Army All-Americans are practicing for the big game Saturday the 7th between the East and West squads of the top 78 high school players in the country. No. 1 offensive lineman Andre Smith joined for a chat session Thursday afternoon.

Scott Kennedy:: Good afternoon...

Scott Kennedy:: We have a special guest

Scott Kennedy:: Andre Smith joins Chat

Scott Kennedy:: If you have some questions, now is the time....

CrimsonCore:: Andre, I have been so impressed with your AA performance.

Bama787992:: Will you visit Bama?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Right now I dont know.

CrimsonFried:: Andre, I hope all is well in San Antonio. You are making the state of Alabama proud.

10ECscs:: Andre....if you had to compare yourself to any lineman, who would it be and why?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] I guess Willie Roaf. He is great blocker. Both driving and pass protecting.

drdave44:: Andre .. what are you mainly looking for in the school you choose?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Great FCA program, sports law major and great coaches.

Bama787992:: What position on the OL are the Bama coaches recruiting you for Guard or Tackle?

10ECscs:: Andre......if you had your choice of postions on the O-line, which would you prefer playing?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] They are recruiting me at left tackle.

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] I would prefer to play left tackle.

thebear1:: What's your opinion of Alabama's Coach Cheese [Harbison] ?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Great coach. He wants you to work hard. Make your team better and yourself better.

10ECscs:: Andre......what is the strangest thing a fan has said to you during this process?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Just chanting my name as I came in the stadium

CrimsonCore:: Have you seen a rise in the level of your play this week while at AA practice. It seems like the talent has really motivated you even more.

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Yes I have because you're going up against players as the same caliber as you. You have to step up.

10ECscs:: Andre......who were your favorite players to watch growing and pro?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] I like Willie Roaf, Walter Jones and Tra Thomas.

BamaToTheBone:: Andre, who was the best defensive lineman you went against in high school that we may not have heard of?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] In high school the best was Raven Gray.

RabidBAMAfan:: Andre, do your parents want you to stay close to home?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] It doesn't matter to my parents where I go.

thebear1:: Will you still announce on signing day?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Yes, I will announce on signing day.

Bama787992:: Is it true you wore an Alabama t-shirt to your Auburn official? I read that somewhere and thought it was funny, not likely but funny.

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] No, I did not wear an Alabama t-shirt.

10ECscs:: Andre.......which is more important to you......early playing time, coaching, team unity or location?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Just the opportunity to have fun wherever I go, and work hard.

10ECscs:: Andre.....have you enjoyed the recruiting process thus far, and has it become a little stale as of late?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] The process has been fun.

beckron:: Andre, what kind of major are you looking for in college?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] Sports law major.

thebear1:: What number would you like to wear in college?

Scott Kennedy:: [Andre Smith] I want to wear 71.

Scott Kennedy:: Thanks to Andre Smith for joining us in chat.

beckron:: Andre, wherever you go the best for you.

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