Chat with Brandon Spikes four-star linebacker Brandon Spikes, from Shelby-Crest, (N.C.), is in San Antonio this week preparing for the U.S. Army All-American game. is the select-partner with the U.S. Army and has unlimited Scout recruiting analysts covering every facet of the event. Spikes joined the Scout team for a moderated chat session Thursday afternoon.

Scott Kennedy:: Next up-Brandon Spikes.

Scott Kennedy:: Brandon Spikes is ready for your questions.

thebear1:: Are you a big fan of DeMeco Ryans?

Scott Kennedy:: [Brandon Spikes] Oh yeah he is a great player.

10ECscs:: Brandon........have you decided where you will go to college and what did you base your decision on?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] The people. I don't want to say anything right now.

Bama787992:: Out of your 3 finalist which gameday atmosphere was more impressive?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I would have to say FSU-Florida, but the Bama-LSU game was good too.

DATIDE:: Brandon, does the fact that some of the greatest LBs in college and in the pros were coached by Joe Kines play into you decision?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] Yes, it played a big part in my decision.

Morgan7:: Great MLB name Spikes.

CrimsonCore:: Brandon, how has the entire recruiting experience been?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] During the process I gained a lot of relationships with a lot of nice people like Coach Harbison [Alabama].

RollBama11:: Brandon will the location of a school factor into your decision? ie close to home?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] Location will not play a factor.

Bama787992:: Which facilities impressed you more?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I would have to say Alabama's facilities were top of the line.

10ECscs:: Brandon.....what # would you like to wear?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I want to wear # 51.

Jenkins80:: How many qbs did you end up knocking out this year?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I knocked out three.

Jenkins80:: wow

TexasPachyderm:: [Spikes] Did you get a chance to see the Cotton Bowl?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] No, I didnt. We were practicing during the Cotton Bowl.

101BamaMike:: I understand that Coach Cheese and your high school coach are buds. Has your high school coach arrived in San Antonio for your announcement?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] Yes, my coach is coming.

Bama787992:: What position have the coaches told you you'd be playing? inside or outside?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] They said I could play both.

Bama787992:: What do you prefer? MLB or OLB?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I prefer outside.

bamabob1:: How long have you known where you wanted to go?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I've known for a couple weeks.

thebear1:: Do all the coaching staffs know your decision?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] No, they dont know.

101BamaMike:: Does your mom approve of the choice?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] Yes she does.

thebear1:: The school you are they know?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] No they don't.

Bama787992:: What areas do you feel you need to improve in?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I want to improve my speed and strength.

Bama787992:: What is your current 40 time?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] 4.71

drdave44:: Do you and Andre talk to each other at practice about where yall want to play?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] We talk all the time.

beckron:: Brandon, if you improve your speed and strength you are going to kill somebody.

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I know.

DATIDE:: Brandon, what are you stronger against? Pass or run, or both?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] I think run, but I need to improve on pass.

TexasPachyderm:: What are you looking forward to the most about the game Saturday?

Scott Kennedy:: [Spikes] Just having a good time, hitting people and hoping the East wins.

CrimsonCore:: Well, keep giving 'em heck in San Antonio.

Scott Kennedy:: Thanks to Brandon Spikes for joining us in chat. Watch the AA game Saturday to find out his decision [NBC Noon-CST].

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