Looking for Answers

Scout.com four-star wide receiver Tim Hawthorne is scheduled for a track meet this weekend as we reported earlier in the week, and he has cancelled an official visit to Columbia, South Carolina. Plans for the weekend were confirmed Thursday night concerning his visit with the Crimson Tide.

"We were set to go on an official visit to Alabama this weekend, but then I found out that Tim has a track meet on Saturday," said Theo Hawthorne [Tim's father]. "Saturday is the day when most of the activites of the visit take place. Tim would have to miss all of that because of his track meet."

"Tim may be able to go down on Saturday evening and maybe the Alabama coaches can extend his stay in Tuscaloosa on Sunday. We need to get a few questions answered from Alabama," Hawthorne added.

Theo Hawthorne reported Thursday evening his son will take an unofficial visit to Alabama this weekend instead of an official visit.

"I think we will go down on our own expense this weekend," Hawthorne said. "I don't think it is necessary for us to use one of our official visits. We are very familiar with Alabama. I don't think what we need to do should require using up one of our visits."

"We've seen the facilities, and we know about the academics. During the official visits prospects get a chance to hang out with the players. Well, Tim already knows a lot of the players, and he is very familiar with them," Hawthorne added.

Scout.com's seventh-best receiver has rated the official visits to Georgia and Auburn a perfect 10. Georgia and Auburn seem to have an early lead for the Homewood Patriot.

"I think it probably is that way because they are the only two schools we have visited," Hawthorne said. "They are the only two schools we have any information on. I think Alabama is not being considered less than any of the other schools."

"When we started going over everything before narrowing down the schools, we wanted to get eight questions answered. We have all of our questions answered from Alabama except for three. We'll see the response from the coaches this weekend, and I think Alabama could move up right where Georgia and Auburn are right now."

"I definitely think Alabama will make the final three or four unless they say something this weekend that takes them out of the running which I don't think will happen. It's Alabama's time to fill in the missing pieces for us. We are very comfortable with everything else that is presented at Alabama," Hawthorne added.

"I have made arrangements for us to go to Florida next weekend. Unless something changes that is our intention right now. We are hoping to have everything narrowed down to three of four schools. If Alabama goes really well, we may delete the visit to Louisville."

"Our main concern is asking a few questions to the Alabama coaches and getting more in-depth with them about everything. We don't need to waste an official visit to only ask a few questions. I am almost positive we will not officially visit Alabama this weekend," Hawthorne concluded.

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