The Question Is

You can't go anywhere these days without hearing someone who has all the answers. Anywhere people talk about sports they are going to have the answers to game plans, staff changes, recruiting, etc. But what good are those answers without the questions? We're here to serve.

1. The answer is: Zero

2. The answer is: One

3. The answer is: Two

4. The answer is: Three

5. The answer is: Brock

6. The answer is: Three so far

7. The answer is: Quarterback

8. The answer is: Matt Miller and Rudy Griffin

9. The answer is: 11

10: The answer is: One and one

11. The answer is: A dozen.

12. The answer is: About a gazillion

13. The answer is: Vanderbilt

14. The answer is: Four

15. The answer is: Ah-ba-ah-uh-ba-phtzz

1. The question is: How many people believe Houston Nutt didn't hire Springdale Football Coach Gus Malzahn as Arkansas offensive coordinator in order to get Mitch Mustain to commit to the Razorbacks?

2. The question is: How many major college head football coaches would go out in public at a bowl site representing the school while wearing a tee shirt?

3. The question is: How many more basketball games has Alabama won than anyone expected the Crimson Tide to win after Chuck Davis suffered a season-ending knee injury?

4. The question is: If Alonzo Gee was in Alabama's basketball starting lineup along with Brandon Hollinger, Richard Hendrix, Ron Steele, and Jermareo Davidson, how many freshmen would be starting?

5. The question is: Who would have to be taken out of the Alabama basketball starting lineup in order to make room for Gee?

6. The question is: How many high school senior quarterbacks did Alabama's recruiting staff think it had a chance to sign who were better than Tuscaloosa's Chris Smelley?

7. The question is: Where did Sylvester Croom never expect to see Jimmy Johns?

8. The question is: Who did Sylvester Croom never expect to see in the end zone?

9. The question is: How many more national championships than Auburn has does it take for the Auburn fans to obsess over it?

10: The question is: What are the records against Alabama by Hawaii and Duke, the only 2006 Alabama football opponents (other than first time opponent Florida International) to not have a losing record against the Crimson Tide?

11. The question is: With what does Phil Fulmer precede "glazed"?

12. The question is: About how many football coaches between them do Mike Shula and Joe Kines know as they look around for a replacement for Paul Randolph?

13. The question is: Who gets the blame for keeping Tennessee from going to a bowl game?

14: The question is: When Alabama's football team goes to Gainesville on September 30, what finger are the Gators going to be worried about?

15. The question is: On national television, what was Urban Meyer's answer as to what was going on in the first half of Florida's game at Alabama?

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