Decision Day Set

Marcus Udell has set the day for his college announcement. The three-star corner back has narrowed his choices to three schools, and coaches are making their last pitch with in-home visits.

"I will most likely make my decision on Friday," said Marcus Udell from Tallahassee-Godby, (Fla.). "I am not going to have a press conference or anything. I am just going to call the coaches and let them know of my decision."

"I pretty much have an idea of the school I am going to. I told my coach today, but he wants me to think it over to make sure I make the right decision."

Udell received a visit Wednesday afternoon from Alabama's Coach Bob Connelly.

"Coach Connelly and I had a real nice visit," Udell said. "He came by the school for a little bit. He was going to come by the house, but I told him that he didn't need to do that. We sat there and talked about football."

"Coach Connelly is a great guy. I have never heard anything but nice things about him. I've had coaches and players both tell me what a great guy he is. I have always liked him a lot."

Udell will welcome his final visitors on Thursday before making his college choice.

"LSU is coming by the house tomorrow," he said. "I'm not exactly sure which coaches are planning to come. I guess we'll see how that visit goes."

Udell talked about his three finalists earlier in the week.

Alabama: "I like the coaching staff a lot. I really like coach [Chris] Ball, coach Connelly and coach [Mike] Shula. The depth chart looks pretty good for me. Alabama is in the SEC, and it's a very tough conference. They have a great defense and a great atmosphere."

LSU: "I like the coaches, the depth chart is low and they are in the SEC. LSU always has a good team, and I really like the opportunity I would have to play early."

Maryland: "I would have the opportunity to play early. They are in the ACC. It's a little bit further away than the other two schools. I like the coaches. I like coach [Tim] Banks a lot. He was the inside linebackers coach last year, but he is going to be the defensive backs coach this year."

When asked his determining factors of his college choice Udell replied, "I will base my decision on my relationship with the coaching staff, the depth chart, my position coach and the defense I would be playing in. Those are the kinds of things I will consider when choosing where I go to college."

Stay tuned to this Friday to hear of Marcus Udell's college decision.

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