Bama Coaches Visit No. 1

Three schools remain in the hunt for Huffman's Andre Smith. The Tide coaches made their last pitch, and we will all learn of Smith's decision on National Signing Day.

Alabama's head coach, recruiting coach for Birmingham and the offensive line coach were in Huffman, (Ala.) for one last visit with No.1 offensive lineman.

"The visit with Alabama went pretty good last night," said Andre Smith, Sr. "Coach Shula, Coach Harbison and Coach Connelly were all here."

"We were at the Touchdown Club meeting where Coach Shula spoke last night. We were there from about 6-8."

The Alabama coaches went to the Smith home after the banquet in downtown Birmingham.

"We went over to my neighbor's house," Smith said. "He is in a wheel chair, and everytime we walk outside he always yells Roll Tide. We let him meet all the coaches. Everyone had a good time. We stayed over there for about twenty minutes"

After Smtih declared a curfew last week of 10:00pm, the Tide coaches were allowed extra time due to the late start of the visit.

"The visit overall went well," Smith said. "The coaches stayed until about 11:00."

Three schools remain as Smith added, "It's down between Alabama, USC and LSU. I really don't know what he is going to do. He is going to have to go where his heart leads him."

The Army All-American will travel to Gainesville this weekend and catch up with some former teammates from the game in San Antonio.

"We are still going to Florida this weekend," Smith said. "That still has me by surprise. I dont think Florida is really in it. I think he just wants to go down there for the visit."

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