Shula's New Deal

The University of Alabama and Mike Shula have reached an agreement in principle on a new contract reportedly worth $1.8 million per year running through 2012.

Alabama Director of Athletics Mal Moore and Shula both confirmed that a deal was in place Friday afternoon at the first day of Alabama's spring football practiced, but said they would not discuss the specifics of the contract until the deal was final.

"I've heard that was out but that did not come from this department from me," Moore said of the report listing terms of the agreement. Moore spoke to media Friday afternoon after speaking with Shula on the football practice field. "I want to stay on what I said, that we have agreed to a contract and we're working the details with the University attorney and Mark Rogers who is representing Coach Shula and that will be finished here in the first of the week hopefully, and then we get it to the board and the compensation committee."

Moore said he couldn't discuss any of the details, including length of the deal and incentives, before the contract is finalized. "It has to go there before I can comment on it. And then once that's done both sides will sign and we'll make it available. I've agreed and he's agreed. I guess that means that's what we've agreed to, unless something breaks down. I don't see that, for sure."

Shula was in a noticeably light-hearted mood after Friday's practice.

"I'm excited to be here," Shula said. "I love this place. I'm excited about our future here. I love it for the people, the same reason why I came to school here. We've got a great support system with Coach Moore as my direct boss and Dr. Witt and our board of trustees and I'm happy to be a part of this and I'm looking forward to next year and many years to come."

"I take the mentality that I wake up every day and you do the best you can on that day," he said.

Said Moore, "We're pleased and I think the coach is."

"It's important to me," he said. "For the stability, for the continuity, and I fully recognize that we have possible tough times ahead of us. We've got a couple of years of hard recruiting to get our levels back, I recognize that. I appreciate the year that we just enjoyed. I want to make it available to the players that they're going to be here and just keep moving.

"After the season, really after the bowl game. The latter part of the season we wanted to, but there's a lot going on, you have to pick your times to do this. "

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