APR Scores Out

Any day that passes without the University of Alabama being hit with scholarship reductions by the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a good day since the organization smacked Alabama in 2002.

Today was special, however, because schools across the country were subject to contemporaneous penalties, i.e. scholarship reductions, via the release of the first penalties of the newfangled academic reform.

No Alabama athletics programs were hit with penalties.

Alabama academic progress rate (APR) for football came in at 916. That is up 36 points from last year's rating, but below the NCAA cut score of 925 needed. The squad is not subject to penalties due to a squad-size adjustment, a reprieve that will be eliminated when the full four years of academic historical data is taken.

"Overall, it's a solid report," Alabama Director of Student Services Jon Dever said. "I think we're moving in the right direction."

In men's basketball, Alabama scored a 919, down from 1,000 during the last round. Defections from the squad were the major contributor to the dropped score.

"Over the course of time students decide to leave for different reasons," Dever said. "All of those students are reflected in the report. with basketball it doesn't take a whole lot of those type of instances to lower that number."

Women's Sports:
*Basketball: 911
Cross Country: 984
Golf: 953
Gymnastics: 990
Soccer: 985
Softball: 986
Tennis: 971
Indoor Track: 988
Outdoor Track: 988
Volleyball: 1000

Men's Sports:
*Baseball: 919
*Basketball: 902
*Cross Country: 922
*Football: 916
Golf: 963
Swimming: 977
Tennis: 949
Indoor Track: 931
Outdoor Track: 923

*Not subject to penalty due to squad size adjustment.

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