APR Methods Questioned

Roger Thompson, Alabama's Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management criticized the NCAA's loose restrictions on reporting its own academic progress rating, and said stricter guidelines for how the data is reported should be implemented.

Thompson oversees the calculation of academic progress ratings that is conducted in the University's registrar's office - outside the influence of the athletics department. In a meeting earlier this month Thompson attended in Lexington, he said he discovered there were different methods and practices being used.

"The NCAA has said, ‘here are some guidelines,'" Thompson said. "The NCAA needs to ensure that it is calculated in a similar fashion across the board."

Thompson said he's confident that Alabama is calculating its APR accurately, but he also said he called the NCAA "four or five times" to make sure The University's calculation were correct.

Some institutions, he said, were running the entire process through the athletics department. It is not mandatory for schools to have APR calculated outside of the athletics department, but Thompson said, "It's up to powers other than me, but I think it would be effective… I'm not saying anyone is being unethical, but it seems a little self-serving."

One gray area is the exceptions for players who transfer in good standing.

"There are many ways things are not clear. If a player transfers there's no way to know if he enrolled somewhere else," Thompson said. "There's no standard way to determine if a student who transferred has actually enrolled in another school."

"The concerns I have are what methods the other institutions are using."

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