UMS-Wright RB Returns from Junior Day

Terrell Edwards is one of the top backs in the state for the class of 2007. Edwards tripped to Tuscaloosa for Alabama's Junior Day and had plenty to say about his visit.

"Junior Day at Alabama was a lot of fun," said Terrell Edwards from UMS-Wright in Mobile, (Ala). "I really enjoyed myself. There were a lot of guys there from Mobile. I really didn't expect that many prospects to be there."

"It was a fun environment to be around. I met one of the running backs our team played against last year. His name is Michael Scott from Geneva. We talked for a good while."

Junior Day gave the prep players and coaches a chance to interact face-to-face as they begin the recruiting road together.

"I met with my position coach and my recruiting coach," Edwards said. "My position coach [Sparky Woods] was real cool. I like him a lot. He is straight to the point. He said if we like him then we like him, but if we don't then we don't. He is very upfront with you."

"Coach Buddy Wyatt is my recruiting coach. He is a great guy. He met my parents. He really made a great impression on my mom. If you make a great impression with her then you have made a great impression with me. I have a lot of respect for him. I feel like I can communicate with him very well."

Edwards was disappointed with part of his visit when he shared, "I was a little upset that I didn't see Darby run the ball today. I took a few pictures of him though. I saw the new starting quarterback do some good things. I saw my former teammate, Andrew Friedman, out there kicking the ball. I wanted to talk to him, but they had already started practice."

"We toured the facilities and they were immaculate. The locker room is amazing. It makes you want to start spring training right now. I saw the big whirlpool and all the athletic benches for taping. I was very pleased."

The 6-2, 210-pound back was impressed with the Capstone visit and did not hesitant to say, "I have very high thoughts about Alabama right now. I think it's a great school, and it's a school I will check into this summer."

"I am still neutral. I am going to explore all of my options, but Alabama is definitely high on my list. Coach [Mike] Shula seems like a great coach. He reminds me a lot of my high school coach, Terry Curtis."

He will attend Auburn's Junior Day March 18.

Edwards will return to Tuscaloosa April 29 for the All-American Combine.

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