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"The tradition at Alabama is unmatched. Twelve national championships, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler and all the other great players who played on that same field is really special to me," Greg McElroy said when he committed to the Tide. readers submitted questions to the quarterback signee from Southlake-Carroll, Texas. McElroy gave Tide fans in-depth answers.

TexTider: "Do you think Allen High School can get past Southlake in the playoffs? Tell me about your replacement."

Greg McElroy: "I don't really know anything about them this year. I know they have the quarterback Nathan Dick. I think he has a good future ahead of him. His brother played at Arkansas. I think Allen should have a good team this year, and they might could beat Southlake if they played each other in the play-offs."

"My replacement is Riley Dodge. He is a little smaller than me. He is only 5-11, 165-pounds. He is really fast. He runs in the 4.5 range. He has really good moves and can run well. He is our coach's son, and he understands the game. He could have played at a number of programs across the country last year."

101BamaMike: "When do you expect to report to campus/begin classes? Other than recruiting visits, have you been to The University before? Have family here?"

McElroy: "I leave here July 8. I will get to Tuscaloosa July 9. Orientation is July 10."

"I have only been to Tuscaloosa three times. I went for Junior Day, the senior camp and for my official visit. "

"I don't have any family in Alabama. I have family in Florida, California and Texas."

redtusc: "Greg, How proficient are you throwing the deep ball & intermediate routes as opposed to the short passing game? What would you say are your strong suits? Would you say classify your style as more of a finesse passer with touch, a "rifleman", or somewhere in middle between the two?"

McElroy: "I feel I can always hit my marks whether it be on a 20 yard out route or a running back check screen. I feel I am good at throwing the deep ball. I have been told I am the most accurate high school quarterback a coach has ever seen (I know I'm not). I've been told I am better at throwing the deep ball than short ball. I have been told I am better at throwing the short ball than the long ball. I just want to be good at throwing both."

"I feel my strengths are checking down the defense and decifering what they are going to do. I understand what the defense is doing in order to make the right audibles. I prepare for each game by watching hours of film and studying the plays."

"I would have to say I am somwhere in the middle. I don't have the arm strength as Matthew Stafford but, I feel like I can hit all my targets. I have a lot of faith in my arm."

Fourthanddone: Greg, you had 700 yards rushing with 12 rushing touchdowns. Sounds like you are not hesitant about taking off with the ball. What style runner are you and was most of your rushing yardage by design?

McElroy: "It really depends on what the defense is doing. We did have a lot of design running plays last year. When it wasn't a run play I would always look for the third, fourth and fifth receiver before taking off. I can run the ball but, I don't consider myself a speed threat. I am not quite as athletic as John Parker Wilson but, I am more than Brodie [Croyle]. I will be able to answer that question a lot better when I get there."

Tider04: "Greg...I hear you and Earl both want about a "throw off" to see who gets it??? You could both get DJ Hall and Keith Brown to run about 10 basic routes and see which one of you has the highest completion %. Winner gets #12...."

McElroy:"I am willing to do whatever it takes. If Earl wants to fight, then I'll fight. Haha. Just kidding. Earl is a real good guy. I am wide open about the number. Whatever works is fine with me. The coaches have the last say about it. If Earl really wants it, I can find something else. The number is really for my dad. He idolized Joe Namath. He would love it if I got a chance to wear the same number as Mr. Namath."

cmj33: "Greg first of all great to have you wearing Crimson. I wish the best for you at UofA."

"My question...How quickly do you see yourself making an impact at QB? Would you be dissapointed if you the Coaches decided to redshirt you? How do you think your transition from the playing in the shotgun to playing under center will go? Best of luck to you."

McElroy: "That's tough to say right now. There are so many different variables. Alabama has a solid No. 1 in John Parker Wilson. I am going to try to compete as early as I can. The coaches are going to decide who the best quarterback is."

"I would not be upset if I was redshirted. It would give me time to grow. I think my body grew faster in my lower body than it did in my upper body. I am starting to fill out. I am getting stronger and faster. It would give me another year to improve my skills. I feel like I would benefit from it. Quarterbacks like Matt Lienart, Vince Young and Jay Cutler all were red-shirts and look where they are now."

"I don't think the transition is going to be very difficult. Taking the snap from center is going to be the hardest part. I have been working on my drops with my quarterback coach. I have really improved."

DennyDan: "Greg, It has been stated that almost all of your snaps your Sr. year were from the Shotgun. If this is true, how much time do you believe you need practicing taking the snap under center before you can be ready to feel comfortable? Can you get a jump start on this with 7-on-7 prior to August?"

McElroy: "I am going to have to get together with my centers this summer and see how we click. It shouldn't be long before I have it down. I am going to work on it all summer and during 7-on-7. Once two-adays roll around I should be good to go."

Tider04: "Earl and You both would like the same number. In the old days with Coach Bryant, maybe he would have let you guys go into "The Pit" together to determine who gets the number. :) Seriously, both of you guys, we are sure, would be too big a person, to let a number bother either one of you."

"Alabama has great football players, and they are fast and quick. But, lots of people from around the country, admire the fact that Bama has tough guys."

"What I'd like to know is how long were you in Tuscaloosa, and around the atmosphere that is so passionate for Alabama Football, before you knew that Alabama was going to be the place for you? Was it days, hours, minutes, or seconds, that it took you to get hooked?"

McElroy: "The tradition is felt before you even get there. People from all over the country are Alabama fans. I met people in Aruba and on my cruise that were big Alabama fans. Everyone is so proud to be a part of the Alabama family."

"The team, the staff, the people in the community and the students are all a big family. Everyone cares so much about Alabama. It is such a big a deal. That was the biggest part of my decision."

"Well, the day they offered me was the day of the Cotton Bowl. I was a little against Alabama because they had not offered me but, the coaches continued to tell me to wait. It probably took a few days. When I went on my official visit it took only a matter of hours and minutues. When I stepped out on the field, it only took a few seconds to know this where I want to be."

Coach Jack Eyer: "Ask him if he uses Coach Eyer's cycleyer system and how it has gone with his Endurance Program if used? Has he made significant gains from where he was previously using it?"

McElroy: "Yes, I have been using the program. and it has been going really good. I am really starting to move along. I am losing a little bit of weight but, that is because I have been intensfying my running, and I have been in the sun hours every day. I am in the best shape I have ever been in. You can certainly tell a big difference. His program really works."

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