Cloyd News Coming

The long saga of Verice Cloyd's academic eligibility and the nearly as long journey of his basketball career should come to latest conclusions no later than Wednesday, which is the final day students may sign up for second semester summer school classes at The University of Alabama.

Verice Cloyd, who signed with Alabama last fall, is the final member of the incoming class of Crimson Tide basketball signees seekling to be admitted for summer school and the resulting full eligibility that will come with NCAA Clearinghouse approval.

Cloyd met with key University personnel Monday. They included Mary Spiegel, director of undergraduate admissions, and Dr. Joe Hornsby, faculty chairman of athletics.

An administrator keeping track of proceedings predicted resolution of the situation "today or Wednesday." Summer school classes begin today and students have through Wednesday to sign up for those classes.

The same administrator predicted a positive result for Cloyd and for Coach Mark Gottfried's basketball team.

There have been numerous roadblocks to Cloyd earning admittance earlier, including his current school, Genesis One in Mendenhall, Mississippi, being among many non-traditional schools checked by the NCAA for legitimacy. Recently the NCAA said that Genesis One graduates could be admitted to NCAA schools and some of Cloyd's teammates have reportedly been admitted to their colleges–Michael Washington to Arkansas and Gary Flowers to Oklahoma State.

The concern in Bama's basketball office is that if Cloyd is not admitted by The University, the Crimson Tide will be playing against Cloyd at a school such as Tennessee or Mississippi State.

Cloyd is a 6-2 wing player who is considered among Bama's top signees and a potential starter as a freshman.

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