'Time-Out': LaMarcus Williams

LaMarcus Williams, the 6-1, 285-pound defensive tackle from Bastrop, (Louis.) is working hard this summer. We asked LaMarcus about his verbal commitment to Alabama, "It just felt like home. I wanted to secure my scholarship. Coach Harbison is my recruiting coach. He's crazy (laughing). He is very down to earth and made me feel at home." Williams tells us if other visits are planned as well.

"I will take my other visits," LaMarcus Williams said. "I don't want to close any doors."

Rebecca Johnston: What is your favorite moment in sports history?

:LaMarcus Williams: I have several, but I will say the catch (San Francisco's) Dwight Clark made against the Cowboys in the playoffs.

RJ: How long ago was that?

LW: A long time ago.
(Note: January 10, 1982)

RJ: What would you do first if you won the lottery?

LW:Probably go crazy.

RJ: Who is the most important person in your life?

LW: My mom.

RJ: What is the hardest thing you've ever gone through?

LW: That's a hard question. I can't think of anything.

RJ: That's good.

LW: Maybe missing a game due to injury.

RJ: What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

LW: A lot of crazy stuff. It was raining at school one day, and I flipped in the mud in front of a bunch of girls. I was 13.

RJ: What is something we don't know about your head coach?

LW: People think he's mean, but he's a nice guy to me.

RJ: Who is the best player on your team (besides you)?

LW: I don't know. I don't really look at it like that.

RJ: What is your favorite thing about school?

LW: The girls.

RJ: What is your favorite childhood memory?

LW: I've got a lot of good childhood memories. I guess traveling. I went to a lot of places with my family.

RJ: What is your greatest virtue?

LW: Easy to get along with. Easy to talk to.

RJ: What is the virtue you most admire in others?

LW: The same thing. Easy to talk to, people you can communicate with.

RJ: Do you have pets?

LW: Yes, a German Shepherd named Yoda.

RJ: What is your favorite food?

LW: Pepperoni Pizza.

RJ: Who is your favorite musical performer?

LW: Jay Z

RJ: What is your favorite video game?

LW: NCAA football. It doesn't matter what year.

RJ: Nickname?

LW: No.

RJ: What is your favorite season of the year?

LW: Definitely not summer. Probably winter when we play the state championship game.

RJ: If you could visit any place where would you go?

LW: Bahamas.

RJ: Where would you like to live?

LW: Bahamas.

RJ: Who is your hero?

LW: My brother, Michael Williams.

RJ: What is your proudest moment?

LW: Winning the state championship.

RJ: Excluding football what is your favorite sport?

LW: Baseball.

RJ: If you could attend a football game with two people, one a family member or friend and the other person someone you don't know but, that you admire, who would you take?

LW: My brother, Michael Williams and Michael Jordan.

RJ: After your college career is over how would you like to be remembered in their history?

LW: One of the best defensive lineman to ever come through.

Rebecca Johnston is a feature writer for Scout.com. 'Time-Out' is a light-hearted questionaire to give us a little insight of the person and not the high school recruit.

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