A Finger for Auburn?

Ramzee Robinson's a media guy. He's always got something to say, and on Wednesday he ratcheted up the never-ending back-and-forth between the Crimson Tide and in-state rival Auburn. He had a message for the "Fear the Thumb" braggadocio that has come since Auburn beat Alabama in November.

"Our biggest thing that we've talked about as a unit, particular team, they're talking about ‘Fear the Thumb,' we're going to have a finger for them once the game's over with. We'll see how it goes. We're looking forward to it."

"Auburn's number one for me, hands down," Robinson said in response to a question about ranking the Tide's rivals. "I haven't beat them since I've been here and I came in 02. We hear all that talk about ‘Fear the Thumb' and this and that. We're in (Dallas) getting ready for a Cotton Bowl and we still hear that."

One media member in the Internet/radio room of the hotel handicapped Robinson's as, "the best that interview that's been in this room in a few years here – player or coach."

Robinson opened the interview session introducing himself instead of waiting for the SEC media flack to do the honors, noting he preferred to be called by his nickname, Bino ("That's B-I-N-O, not B-E-A-N-O.")

Robinson sat out most of the spring, unwillingly, with ongoing back problems that bothered him during the 2005 season. After working on not working so much, Robinson said he's "100 per cent" healthy for the 2006 season.

"The hardest thing for me to do is sit at home and lay down," he said, "but at the same time I know it's going to help me in the long run, particularly this season because I want to go through each game 100 percent and that's something I didn't do last year."

"My biggest thing about practice is what you put out is the result you're going to get in games," he said. "It's something I take full advantage of. There are guys on any team that consider themselves game day players but I'm not one of those guys."

Robinson has had a massage therapist and chiropractor working on him for the off-season, which he credits for feeling up to par for the coming season.

Bino's also had a unique look at Alabama's quarterbacks in the summer during the seven-on-seven drills that every team conducts during the summer. Most impressive to Robinson is what he's seen in presumptive starter John Parker Wilson's personality.

"The main thing that sticks out is him being a leader naturally," Robinson said. "He came in as soon as we got back in town and started taking over the offense. Being an upperclassman it makes you good to see that, and not having some of the other guys having to stay on him all the time."

On Wilson the player, Robinson said, "He's real mobile. Honestly we have to talk him out of running so much because we don't want him to get hit, particularly when the season starts."

Robinson said Brodie Croyle, Bama's starter for the past three years, threw the ball "a little bit harder" than Wilson, but that Wilson "knows where to put the ball and makes good decisions. That's something you didn't see when he first got there, but now he's sure in everything he's doing."

Robinson has seen a little of incoming freshman Greg McElroy in seven-on-seven drills, but has been surprised by the freshman's maturity so far.

"What impressed me the most about him is how he presented himself," Robinson said. "One day after workouts he walked right up to me and introduced himself. That showed me a lot because there aren't too many people who do that. Humble guy. That's one thing that sticks out in my book. As far as on the field, he hasn't had that many opportunities to show what he's got but when he has he's looked pretty good."

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