Recruiting Profile: Marquies Gunn

It's an excellent year talent-wise in the state of Alabama. That means there are plenty of athletes to go around, but it also means that good prospects like Benjamin Russell's Marquies Gunn aren't getting the attention they would deserve in other years.

A pass rushing specialist who hasn't received much notoriety due to the amount of talent in the state his senior year, Gunn is a proven defensive performer on a state championship team.

Gunn lists his size at 6-3, 205 pounds. He plays tight end, linebacker and defensive end in high school, but as he matures and adds bulk the D-Line might be his best position.

His best recorded time in the 40-yard dash was 4.60, plenty fast for a defensive end whose coach reports that he gives 100 percent on every play.

Gunn's specialty is rushing the passer and he demonstrated that ability his junior year. He was credited with 110 tackles and 15 sacks as a junior. "I use primarily the rip move to get by my blocker," Gunn said.

The Alex City native will need to bulk up his size and strength for the college game, but Gunn has the frame and desire to become a gem at the next level.

Gunn sports a 33-inch vertical jump, which he used it to his advantage playing tight end. However, his future is on defense and that future is bright. Gunn says he expects to raise his exposure his senior year by becoming a standout player that gets recognized early and often.

In the weight room, he bench presses 290 pounds and squats 375. Gunn has a "B" average in school but he must raise his ACT score to become fully qualified.

Gunn camped at Alabama. "I really liked the Alabama coaches and the campus," he said. Auburn, Arkansas, Southern Miss, and West Virginia round out his interest.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gunn reports that the Alabama coaches told him that they will be watching him closely as a senior. "If they had a larger number of scholarships, my chances of getting an offer would definitely go up," he said.

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