Another Last Chance!

Today (August 9) was supposed to be the final day. Last week we announced that's best offer ever was coming to an end, that there was only one week left to get a copy of the book "Tales From College Football's Sidelines" and a full year (56 issues) of Sports Illustrated included in an annual subscription to

It is still coming to an end, but the offer has been extended another couple of days, until Friday, August 11. And that is definitely it!

tp://>Alabama fans, Friday will be the last day users can use the special promotional codes to receive a book as a special gift for purchasing a new annual subscription, or upgrading to an annual from a monthly, 3-month or 6-month subscription.

If you sign up for a new subscription, or upgrade by Friday, you can enter promotional code GoBama06 to receive the book with your offer. If you take advantage of the offer you get even more.

That's a full year of, a year (10 monthly issues) of 'BAMA, Inside the Crimson Tide, a copy of "Tales from College Football's Sidelines" ($16.95 value), a $15 Gift Certificate, the Recruiting Guides AND a full year (56 issues) of Sports Illustrated ($39.95 value) for only $99.95!

You will have access to's weekly chat on Monday nights all throughout the football and recruiting season, as well as premium message boards, where experts answer your questions.

Maximize the value of with an annual pass.

Sports Illustrated will still be available, but not Sports Illustrated and "Tales from College Football's Sidelines, so act now. There's only a short time left.

To take advantage of this great offer click the link below, and remember to enter the special offer code GoBama06 for this offer. Annual Pass

Remember, you must enter the code in order to receive your copy. You can also call our sales center at 888.501.5752 to take advantage of this offer.Remember, act by Friday!

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