Alabama 105-Man Roster Released

The Alabama football team 105-man roster was released on Monday with the surprises, kept to a minimum. There was no Mike Ford, as was predicted, and DJ Hall's spot on the roster was secure, as Tide Head Coach Mike Shula had indicated all summer.

Tyrone Prothro's name was probably most surprising on the 105, but it really shouldn't have been. Prothro will undergo rehabilitation throughout fall camp and therefore will have a need to be at the football complex – and a part of the team – as much as any of the Tide's scholarship players.

There was some initial confusion, with 106 names inadvertently on one version of the roster, but a corrected copy was issued with 105, including Prothro. It looks like the first guy in when school starts – or perhaps if someone drops off early and has to be replaced – is sophomore running back Theo Townsend. His name was on the 106 roster, but with so many scholarship running backs on the roster, Townsend faced an uphill battle for repetitions.

Here's the official 105-man (numerical) reporting roster:
1 R. Robinson, DB
2 S. Castille, DB
3 J. Dukes, DB
4 T. Prothro, WR
6 M. Stamps, LB
7 W. Oakley, WR
8 C. Rogers, DB
9 N. Stover, WR
9 T. Grant, RB
10 J. Johns, RB
11 M. Caddell, WR
11 P. Fitzgerald, P
13 C. Reamer, DB
14 J.P. Wilson, QB
15 J. Barnes, QB
15 A. Friedman, PK
16 L. Mitchell, DB
17 G. McElroy, QB
18 M. Guillon, QB
19 T. Castille, FB
20 M. Carter, DB
21 P. Hall, LB
22 DJ Hall, WR
23 T. Coger, DB
24 M. Johnson, DB
25 A. McDaniel, WR
25 R. Upchurch, RB
26 A. Sharrief, RB
27 J. Woodall, DB
28 J. Arenas, DB
29 A. Hill, P
30 P. Hanrahan, FB
30 B. Kilpatrick, DB
31 F. Rayford, DB
31 L. Tiffin, K
32 E. Anders, LB
33 L. McClain, FB
34 K. Darby, RB
35 C. Kirschman, LB
36 E. Gray, DB
37 H. Thomas, P
37 T. Dean, DB
38 G. Coffee, RB
39 D. Salaam, WR
40 B. Huber, FB
41 A. Davis, DB
42 J. Simpson, LB
43 S. Burnthall, DB
44 D. Waldrop, LB
45 C. Higgenbotham, LB
45 R. Willis, TE
46 Z. Schreiber, LB
47 E. Knight, DL
48 T. Sikes, LB
49 R. Johnson, DB
50 J. Britt, OL
53 K. Vandervoort, LB
55 T. Jones, LB
56 M. Collins, LB
57 D. Mustin, LB
58 K. Tatum, OL
59 A. Caldwell, OL
60 S. Deaton, OL
61 B.J. Stabler, OL
62 A. Stadler, OL
63 J. Johnson, DL
66 B. Motley, OL
66 B. Selmon, SN
67 J.P. Adams, DL
68 T. Pharr, OL
69 L. Spaulding, SN
70 E. Cardwell, OL
71 A. Smith, OL
72 C. Capps, OL
73 J. Moon, OL
74 T. Davidson, OL
74 D. Ross, OL
75 C. Davis, OL
76 M. Davis, OL
77 B. Walton, DL
78 M. Johnson, OL
79 D. Davis, OL
80 M. McCoy, WR
81 K. Brown, WR
82 E. Alexander, WR
83 T. McCall, TE
84 J. Jones, DB (however, Shula said Jones will work primarily at WR)
85 P. Dial, TE
85 D. Barter, WR
86 J. Christensen, PK
87 C. Harvey, TE
88 N. Walker, TE
89 C. Hoke, TE
90 M. Talbert, DL
91 C. Harris, DL
91 W. Denniston, FB
92 W. Gilberry, DL
92 S. Gray, TE
93 B. Greenwood, DL
94 K. Saunders, DL
95 B. Deaderick, DL
96 D. Lee, DL
97 L. Washington, DL
98 B. Fanney, DL
99 J. Clarke, DL

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