Funny Things

A couple of things struck me as funny today, and I thought I'd share them with you. First, I was delighted to get mail today (I never get any good mail), and even happier when I realized that included where media guides from Alabama out-of-conference opponents.

Stacking all 12 Alabama opponents media guides side-by-side (admittedly, I haven't done this), I had to give the edge in creativity and fortitude to the Duke media relations department.

The front features a black background with a white Duke helmet raised in the air, with DUKE stenciled in silver across the top. It's clean and crisp, but it's the back cover that gets all the love from me.

The back cover of Duke's media guide is certainly eye-catching, but it's only because they managed to work the very recognizable National Football League's shield logo and the Pro Football Hall of Fame logo onto the back cover of their guide. I suppose putting those logos on the front would have been too ostentatious. My guess is that any football prospect smart enough to get into Duke will also be smart enough to realized Duke isn't the best place to go if you only want to get to "The League."

Also noted on the back cover of the media guide is that Duke is atop the ACC in number of inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – tied only with Miami. Also noted -- ON THE BACK COVER – is that former Duke QB quarterback Dave Brown was the number one choice in the 1992 supplemental draft. Umm… okay?

More apropos for the Blue Devils, they list having winners of the American Football Coaches Association academic achievement award a nation-best 12 times. It's just too bad that the media guide also includes former first-string quarterback Zack Asack, who was booted out of school for a year for plagiarism.

The other thing funny thing I saw this morning was Georgia's Marcus Flowers apologizing Sunday in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. For what? He's not saying. Nor is UGA Head Coach Mark Richt. The AJC reported that Flowers would serve a two-game suspension. The hardest part, Flowers said, was telling his parents he was suspended. Mark Richt didn't mention the suspension at SEC media days, perhaps figuring maybe no one would ask why the guy wasn't playing against Western Kentucky and South Carolina.

"My goal is not to embarrass the young man," Richt told the AJC. "If it had gone to the first game and somebody asked how come Flowers didn't return a punt, I'd have said because he's suspended the first two games. That's happened before."

So, instead of embarrassing Flowers, now there's enough embarrassment for he and Richt. Whatever happened to "(Player X) will be suspended for violation of team rules."

Mike Shula says he handles disciplinary internally, which is fine, but there's no reason to say you just forgot to mention it.

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