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Where there is depth, there's also more uncertainty, and nowhere is that fact more clear than on Alabama's offensive line. When the Crimson Tide opens the season on September 2, folks might have a hard time figuring out this is the group that returns four of last year's starters.

So we don't know exactly what's going on with a couple of offensive linemen who have been missing the past three days, but without a doubt there is some tectonic movement on Alabama's offensive line from where it left off in the spring.

Center Antoine Caldwell is the hub, the only player on the line that certainly won't change, with the rest of the spots - both tackles and both guards - looking like spokes that could see a different man at a different spot depending on where the wheel stops.

Let's start with the tackles. Andre Smith looks like he is on the fast-track to being a starter. Crimson Tide offensive line coach Bob Connelly said he's told Andre that, "as fast as you learn the system, that's how fast you'll be on the field." I'm wondering if that could happen as early as Monday, where it might take some restraint not to let Andre at least get a taste of working with the first group.

Don't count out last year's starter Chris Capps, however. That was the message delivered by Mike Shula today. Shula said Capps has been having a "real good camp. That's what competition will do."

Capps took a single snap at right tackle in a pass-blocking drill on Saturday. Could this be foreshadowing?

For right now, Kyle Tatum maintains his grip on the right tackle position. He has been battling with a rejuvenated Cody Davis, who has had injury trouble in the past at Alabama. Davis was a left tackle last year, but seems more suited on the right side. That's four tackles fighting for two spots, or depending on how much stock you put into Smith's emergence, three tackle battling for one.

Then it's on the guards, where Justin Britt's arrival has bolstered the position. He was originally the first-string right guard, but he swapped with B.J. Stabler after two days of fall camp, returning Stabler to the position where he started most of last year. That's likely to hold.

Britt was being backed by Marlon Davis, who started a game last year and played some as a freshman. Davis has been gone for three days, however, and may have quit the team for good. Mike Johnson has shown promise as a back-up to Stabler, and could help to form some sort of three-guard rotation to build depth. Justin Moon has ascended to second-team guard in Davis' absence.

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