New Additions

Changes to the Alabama football roster were delivered Wednesday as the Alabama football team practiced for two hours in its first on-field work against a scout team in preparation for the season opener against Hawaii on September 2.

Others are expected to be added later to the Alabama roster.

"We introduced the scout teams and kind of split practice between practicing against Hawaii and against ourselves," Crimson Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said. "We had some other guys come in, they've got an orientation period before they can put on pads."

Thirteen new names were on the official roster on Wednesday:

23 Justin Martin, P
29 Tyrone King, DB
33 Patrick Burch, TE
34 Courtney Moore, DB
35 Patrick Eades, P
37 Jonathan Lowe, WR
42 Max Martin, RB
43 Daniel Weaver, DL
64 Layne Rinks, OL
65 Joshua Curry, OL
74 Trent Davidson, OL
90 Barrett Earnest, TE
96 Daniel Wood, TE

Davidson was not seen at practice during the 20 minutes media were allowed in, however.

"His status is still the same as it was when we last talked about it," Crimson Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said.

(From the August 13 practice report:
Shula said that another player who has been missing for practically the entire pre-season camp, offensive tackle Trent Davidson, has been excused "from the 105 reporting roster,"… When classes begin on August 23 the squad can be expanded. Shula said the door was open for Davidson to return at that time, but didn't indicate how much of a likelihood that is.)

The surest sign of Kenneth Darby's health came Wednesday in post-practice interviews, as he asked for a Gatorade as he came off the practice field, saying he took a lot of repetitions during the practice.

"I feel real good," Darby said. "I'm ready to go – tired of waiting. My knee feels good. I could have went yesterday but the didn't want me to go."

Darby said when he got hit on the knee in practice last week, "It made me kind of nervous because it happened so fast. After I was on the ground for a little bit I calmed down, though."

Shula said it was, "a little bit of a concern" about whether or not placekicker Jamie Christensen will be ready for the first game against Hawaii. "We don't want to bring him back too early. If he can't make it back tomorrow we'll give him some rest. Hopefully, he'll be back Sunday."

Shula said that freshman placekicker Leigh Tiffin had done a good job on field goals, and freshman Andrew Friedman has been good with kickoffs if Christensen is unavailable.

In the other injury news, it appears that only running back Glen Coffee will be unavailable for the first game among the squad members expected to see playing time this season. Christensen and freshman safety Justin Woodall are in the questionable category.

"It's going to be hard for him to be ready," Shula said about Coffee. "We'll see with Justin Woodall and Jamie."

Defensive tackle Dominic Lee returned to practice Wednesday after injuring is left groin/hip area earlier, and tackle J.P. Adams remained sidelined with ankle soreness.

"We expect both of them to be back (for Hawaii)," Shula said.

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