'Time-Out': Robert Marve

The cell phone is ringing, and we're not getting an answer. The recorder picks up and music is playing, no words. When you hear Robert Marve's voice mail there is no question where his devotion lies. You listen to ‘Yea Alabama' as you wait to leave a message for the Tide verbal commitment. Marve has been successful in his first two games of the season, and he joins us for our 'Time-Out' series.

When we do talk with Marve we find a young man who loves football, loves to play it, loves to talk about it.

"I always wanted to play football," he said. "Not really for college reasons, I never really even thought about that. I also never thought I would be as highly ranked as I am now, but I just wanted to be really good at it."

We asked Marve about his verbal commitment and he shared, "I always liked Alabama. Liked SEC ball. I was a big Ohio State fan as a kid growing up."

"It was just somewhere I needed to be," he replied when asked why Alabama. "So much tradition you can't help but love it. Everything that you want in a college or think of a college, Alabama has. It's a college town and they love football to death there."

Marve had a busy summer attending combines and 7-on-7 camps throughout the Sunshine State and camped with the Tide as well. He was always looking to improve.

"I worked on trying to get the ball back.," he said. "Always being in position to throw. Just working in the pocket better. I was always pretty good outside the pocket, but I was having a hard time sticking in and throwing a good ball. I've gotten a lot better at that."

Marve went 14 of 18 with 240 passing yards with one touchdown pass called back in his first game of the season. He added 125 yards rushing in 11 carries with three touchdowns.

Last Friday night was impressive as well. Plant-Tampa (Fla.) defeated Bloomingdale 35-0. Marve recorded 282 yards, was 9 of 15 and added four touchdowns.

Time Out:

Rebecca Johnston: What is your favorite moment in sports history?

Robert Marve: When we beat Jefferson for the district championship last year with 30 seconds in the game. We won 30-23. I threw a 45-yard touchdown pass 30 seconds to go to Cornelius Gallon. It was Plant's first district championship in 12 years.

RJ: What would you do first if you won the lottery?

RM: Buy my mom a house.

RJ: Who is the most important person in your life?

RM: My mom.

RJ: What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

RM: I walked into a sliding glass door that was closed in front of my entire family.

RJ: What is the hardest thing you've ever gone through?

RM: Getting over my grandmother's death two years ago.

RJ: What is something we don't know about your head coach?

RM: (Robert Weiner) He'll take care of you in every way possible outside of football. He makes us dinner in the field house when we're there studying.

RJ: Who is the best player on your team (besides you)?

RM: Derrick Winter.

RJ: What is your favorite thing about school?

RM: History with Coach Winter.

RJ: What is your favorite childhood memory?

RM: When we played pee-wee football and beat the Raiders with a touchdown pass on the last play.

RJ: What is your greatest virtue?

RM: I know how to be a leader and take guys under my wing and help them out.

RJ: What is the virtue you most admire in others?

RM: Patience, just have patience.

RJ: Do you have pets?

RM: Cat, Butterscotch.

RJ: What is your favorite food?

RM: Olives. Green ones, the Lindsey ones.

RJ: Who is your favorite musical performer?

RM: Busta Rhymes.

RJ: What is your favorite video game?

RM: NCAA Football 2007.

RJ: Nickname?

RM: They just call me Marve.

RJ: What is your favorite season of the year?

RM: Fall, football season.

RJ: If you could visit any place where would you go?

RM: Amsterdam.

RJ: Where would you like to live?

RM: The Bahamas.

RJ: Who is your hero?

RM: My mom.

RJ: What is your proudest moment?

RM: When we beat Jefferson in the distrct championship game.

RJ: Excluding football what is your favorite sport?

RM: Basketball.

RJ: Favorite NBA team?

RM: Detroit Pistons.

RJ: If you could attend a football game with two people, one a family member or friend and the other person someone you don't know but, that you admire, who would you take?

RM: My mom and Jerry Rice.

RJ: After your college career is over how would you like to be remembered in their history?

RM: Just as a hard worker, who put everything on the field. Bring Alabama back where they used to be, back in the day.

Rebecca Johnston is a feature writer for Scout.com.

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