Tide to See More Spread

The Alabama defense will see its third consecutive spread offense this week when Louisiana-Monroe takes the field Saturday behind their athletic quarterback Kinsmon Lancaster.

Alabama Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines said on Tuesday that his defense would probably employ similar schemes used in the first two games against Hawaii and Vanderbilt, which included heavy use of the 3-3-5 defensive formation.

"You don't have a whole lot of choice," Kines said. "When people line up with two backs in the backfield or a couple of tight ends you can do a couple of different things. We're going to have one back in the middle, for sure, and the rest of them, we'll try to do the best we can from there."

Kines said of the three-man defensive line schemes, "We kind of evolved into some of that stuff against spread offenses a couple or three years ago. It's more by design than by personnel groupings.

"That gives you the best numbers on the field. You've got an extra tackle on the field and that's one less cover guy you've got. Our personnel kind of fits that. Players like to play it, and the first three games just kind of call for it."

Kines said of his defense, which has given up just 24 points in two games, "I think we're playing hard. We're not playing good all the time."

Hear the highlights from Kines chat with reporters on Tuesday in this audio extra.

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