Depth Chart Vs. Ole Miss

Alabama opened the Ole Miss game in its traditional 4-3 defense for only the third time this season. The offense started with three wide receivers and no tight end as sophomore wide receiver Will Oakley got the first start of his Crimson Tide career and also had the most plays he has had, 38.

At one point in the game, Alabama had three middle linebackers in the game together with Prince Hall and Darren Mustin flanking Matt Collins.

Alabama will be back under Southeastern Conference roster restrictions this week. As the visiting team, Bama will be limited to 70 players dressed. The home team, Tennessee, will be allowed to dress 95 players, of which 80 will be designated as eligible to participate in the game.

Alabama meets Tennessee at 2:30 p.m. CDT (3:30 eastern) Saturday at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. CBS will televise the game.

In last week's game against Ole Miss, Alabama had 95 players dressed and 80 were eligible to participate. However, the Tide used only 56 men. Bama played 21 on offense, 21 on defense, and 14 just on special teams.

Here are those who played against Mississippi with starters listed first and the number of plays in parenthesis. If there are two numbers, the second is the number of plays on special teams.


Split End—D. J. Hall (50), Matt Caddell (19), Nikita Stover (5)

Left Tackle—Andre Smith (71-4)

Left Guard—Justin Britt (58)

Center—Antoine Caldwell (69), Evan Cardwell (6-4)

Right Guard—B.J. Stabler (65), Marlon Davis (15)

Right Tackle—Chris Capps (43-3), Kyle Tatum (28-1)

Tight End—Travis McCall (56-7), Nick Walker (15-4), Charles Hoke (4-8)

Quarterback—John Parker Wilson (71)

Halfback—Kenneth Darby (47), Jimmy Johns (6-8)

Fullback—LéRon McClain (53-11), Tim Castille (24)

Flanker—Keith Brown (38), Will Oakley (38)


Left End—Wallace Gilberry (53), Chris Harris (8)

Left Tackle—Jeremy Clark (40)

Right Tackle—Dominic Lee (27), J.P. Adams (20)

Right End—Keith Saunders (37), Bobby Greenwood (24)

Strongside Linebacker—Terrence Jones (60), Demarcus Waldrop (6-3)

Middle Linebacker— Prince Hall (51), Matt Collins (9-3), Darren Mustin (1-5)

Weakside Linebacker—Juwan Simpson (54-3), Zach Schreiber (2-6)

Left Cornerback—Ramzee Robinson (59), Eric Gray (14-15)

Right Cornerback—Simeon Castille (61-6), Lionel Mitchell (23)

Strong Safety—Jeffrey Dukes (60-8)

Safety—Marcus Carter (31-4), Rashad Johnson (31-18)


Punter and Holder—P.J. Fitzgerald (3 punts, 2 field goals, 2 extra points)

Snapper—Luke Spaulding (3 punts, 2 field goals, 2 extra points)

Placekicker—Jamie Christensen (5 kickoffs, 2 field goals, 2 extra points)

Coverage and Returns—Marcel Stamps (6), Chris Rogers (8), Marquis Johnson (11), Ali Sharrief (12), Justin Woodall (11), Javier Arenas (10), Bryan Kilpatrick (12), Eryk Anders (2), Baron Huber (4), Sam Burnthall (15), Mike Johnson (4)

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