Riley Scores 22, Steele Has 6 Assists

Alabama Basketball Coach Mark Gottfried put his 12th-ranked basketball team on public display for the first time this year Monday night as several hundred Crimson Tide basketball fans attended the Crimson-White scrimmage for an early look at the team.

Game 1 stats:

Game 2 stats:

Gottfried split the squads up for two separate 24-minute games. The first match-up was designed for a more competitive game, while in the second game the teams were divided with Bama's projected starters and top backups all on the same team.

Gottfried said the defense "was okay. Fair. The younger players struggled with defensive transition in the second game. That is the one thing I felt we were weakest at."

The scrimmage was intended for evaluation of individuals:

Riley's shooting gave the Crimson team a comfortable 64-41 win over the White squad in game one. He hit on 9 of 15 shots from the field, including 4 of 9 from three-point range. He was aided tremendously by point guard Ron Steele's six assists.

"I felt like I was really comfortable tonight," Riley said. "My shot was on. I love playing with Ron Steele. He's a good point guard. I feel like I can come in and play, but it hasn't been easy. The speed of the game is different, but I'm starting to get used to it."

Gottfried said, "In the first game I thought (Riley) was really good. He shoots it quick. He doesn't need to be like a freshman. He's a junior college player. We want him to act like an older player and he did."

Riley finished game one with 22 points and five rebounds playing all 24 minutes. In the second game Riley was on the superior-talent Crimson team again, and scored four points with three rebounds.

"I think I struggled with on ball defense," Riley said.

"We're trying to gauge the young guys," Gottfried said. "It's a process that may last a while a while. Different players will play better on different days. Tonight it was Mykal Riley. It might be someone different on Saturday."

Gee led the White team in scoring in the first game with 16 points, with half of those coming from the free throw line. The sophomore who hit barely over 50 per cent of his free throws last year, but in the first game was 8 of 9 from the line Monday night. He was 0 for 3 from three-point range, and 4 of 9 from the field.

In game two, Gee scored 8 points on 4 of 5 shooting.

Steele was "obviously the difference maker" in the first game, Gottfried siad. "He helped Mykal Riley. The first game I thought would be closer than it was."

Steele had six assists in the first game and eight assists in the second game for a total of 14 for the night. He had 13 points in the first game, and only two in the second game. Steele had two turnovers and seven steals in the two games.

Gottfried said, "Ron Steele obviously played like a veteran, as did Jermareo Davidson, Richard Hendrix and Alonzo Gee."

Davidson has seven points and three rebounds in the first game, and 12 points, five rebounds in the second game. He displayed crisp post moves and went to a jumper from just inside the top of the key a few times, hitting unofficially 2 of 4 of the long jumpers.

"I've always had it," Davidson said. "It's getting better of course. I just didn't use it last year. If it is wide open I will take it."

Hendrix had five points, six rebounds in the first game, and six points, two rebounds in the second game. He was 5 of 8 shooting on the night in both games combined.

Hollinger scored in double digits in both games: 16 in the first game and 11 in the second game. Hollinger was on the White team with Gee and Davidson in the first game, and on the Crimson squad in the second game.

Coleman redshirted last year, and looks to have improved tremendously. He had 15 points on 7 of 8 field goals in the first game, hitting 1 of 2 free throws. In the second game he had two points and two rebounds.

"Yamene did pretty good," Davidson said. "He improved over the summer and hopefully he can keep going. He is posting better. He has to work on his footwork, but he goes up hard every time."

Jemison took 14 shots in the first game, hitting six of them. He finished that game with 12 points and two rebounds. In the second game Jemison was 4 of 5 shooting and totaled 10 points.

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