Trick or Treat

Halloween night and all the kids are out collecting candy, and among current members of the Alabama football team there were some tricks and treats when they were kids.

Senior safety Jeffrey Dukes sported a Batman costume for many years running, and once went back to the house and got out of his Batman outfit and put on a Superman costume to have an extra go-around of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

He ditched the costume when it started getting too big for him, he said.

Safety Rashad Johnson and quarterback Jimmy Barnes – one from Sulligent and the other from California – both dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as kids. There were four of the turtles, but both of them said they were the blue one, Leonardo. Another childhood costume Barnes sported was that of a Los Alamitos High School football player – convenient since his dad was coach there and had access to all the equipment he would need.

Receiver DJ Hall always dressed as a football player, too.

Fullback Le'Ron McClain was a Power Ranger as a seven-year-old kid – the white one, he said, but his trick-or-treating had a sad twist.

"I got the costume and it rained so my mom wouldn't let me and my brother go out," he said. "She set up candy around the house but it kinda sucked."

Cornerback Lionel Mitchell said he was a fan of a Hellraiser mask, with nails and things stuck all in the face. John Parker Wilson admitted to being a stuffed pumpkin when he was a kid. Then a Fox 6 reporter had a surprise for him, showing him a picture he'd gotten from his mom – with Wilson dressed as an angel.

For his part, center Antoine Caldwell said he couldn't remember the name of the movie that was the inspiration for his werewolf costume, and Head Coach Mike Shula said he couldn't remember any of his favorites as a kid. He did say, however, that he woke up to the sight of his middle daughter Brooke already dressed in her Nemo costume from the Disney movie Finding Nemo.

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