Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for most of us, a time to count our blessings and to enjoy a wonderful meal. It is also the time to prepare for the shopping season. This time next year we will be preparing for the Alabama-Auburn football game, which moves back a week.

Hopefully you will be with family for Thanksgiving. Some years we are fortunate enough to have much of our family in Tuscaloosa. Over time we have learned (the hard way) that certain areas of discussion are not conducive to harmony. Politically, the gamut is from far left to far right. Religion? We have Unitarian, Jewish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist. So we strive to avoid those subjects.

Even the dinner table requires special pains since about half the family is vegetarian.

This year the subject of Alabama Football Coach Mike Shula will be limited to "Any news?" There is no news and there will be none, so we will put that in the same category as religion. The family includes those who were dissatisfied three years ago and those who remain wholeheartedly in his corner.

For Crimson Tide football fans it may seem as if there is not much to be thankful for this year. It has been a struggle. But football will be back. And other Bama teams are doing well or expected to do well.

I am thankful for my interesting family, and I am thankful to be a part of the Alabama family of fans. I am particularly grateful that so many of you are a part of the ‘BAMA Magazine and BamaMag.com community.

We wish you all the very best as you celebrate Thanksgiving.

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