Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays. Season Greetings. Either of those phrases pretty much covers it all. But with all respect, in our part of the world it is Christmastime, and we wish you all Merry Christmas.

This is a time for families, and we particularly hope this holiday allows you to be with parents or children or siblings. And, particularly, grandparents and grandchildren. (Isn't it interesting how perspective can change? Has it really been over half a century since I finally gave up on a pony?)

There are those far from home, and we wish the best for them, especiallly those in service of our country overseas.

We have special thoughts here for coaches and athletes at The University of Alabama. We wish for their safety and for their success on fields and courts and in arenas. It is inevitable that this will be the final Tuscaloosa Christmas for some who coach Bama football, and we wish them the best in future endeavors.

Although we know it is better to give than to receive, we also have a little bit of selfishness. And our hope is for Alabama football to return soon to championship level, and for all Crimson Tide teams to continue to strive for excellence.

We hope that Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore gets the wonderful gift of a new head football coach who will accomplish the miracles demanded of the position.

Merry Christmas.

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