OSU Receiver Has SEC, Basketball Roots

Adarius Bowman, a 6-4, 220-pound junior transfer from North Carolina has been a monster for Oklahoma State in his first season playing for the Cowboys, but his roots are not found in middle America Oklahoma or in the sport of football. Instead, Bowman grew up in SEC country, and a basketball player.

Adarius Bowman caught 28 passes before transferring from North Carolina, and last year he was a scout team player, watching the Cowboys' 4-7 from the sideline.

Bowman was second in the Big 12 regular season in receiving yards per game with 1,131 yards on 80 receptions (14.2 per catch) and 94.8 yards per game. Against Kansas, Bowman had 300 receiving yards on 13 catches and four touchdowns of 54, 25, 55 and 64 yards in Oklahoma State's 42-32 win over Kansas.

Bowman, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, said Wednesday that, growing up a fan of the Tennessee Vols, he was more familiar with the Southeastern Conference than the Big 12.

"I've got family from Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee," he said. "All my life it was a Bulldogs' games, or Bama's coming to town. I didn't keep up that much with it, all I knew is that I was happy when Tennessee was winning. I grew up on the SEC."

Bowman only began playing football in 11th grade, and was a basketball player and fan for most of his life.

"I'm still learning about this football thing," he said.

Bowman said some of his relatives are Alabama fans, "but they are coming here rooting for me. One of my uncles, James, called me the other day to wish me luck. But he said he still thinks Alabama is going to win."

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